Thursday was our trick or treat.  I know that’s odd, but our area likes to have trick or treat on the Thursday before the Saturday before Halloween, as Saturday they have the local Halloween parade and the teachers like to have off Friday because the kids are tired and really hyped up from eating too much sugar…Long story and you probably didn’t really care…  Rich always dresses up as a vampire, and I make bags of candy…and not just little pieces.  I try to give the kids enough to basically bribe them to come again the next year (and tell their friends)…because Rich only gets between 8-10 kids every year.  I wish he’d get more, as he has been doing this since we were young, and we’ve never had more than 15 kids.  One year, two kids came back to tell him he gave the best candy of anyone, and that made his day.  This year, two different groups came to the door and said “I think this is the house” and once he started opening the door slowly, they said “this is it.”  That made his day..It doesn’t take a lot to make him happy…

Friday we went to get my drivers license renewed, but decided we’d get our “real ID” at the same time.  I really thought I’d read the instructions completely, but no, I didn’t have half the things I needed.  I thought if I had my license and my passport, that’s all I’d need.  But they said, “No, you also need your original Social Security card, two proof of residence, and since I’m married, my original marriage license.”  Are you kidding me?  Why don’t they also ask for a pint of blood while they’re asking.  The woman was telling me I definitely need to get one in the future…Why?  Well if I want to go to a military base (and why would I need to do that?) or a federal building (which federal building will I be going to?)   She made it clear I can still go to our local court house and post office…good to know..   I decided to give up on the idea until there’s no option left for me, (or I decide I definitely need to visit a government building.)  In a time when we’re trying to allow people to vote without any ID, it seems odd to me that we’re going to such lengths to allow people into  certain buildings..Just my two cents on the Real ID.  And what’s so fake about my passport that I need all of the other IDs to get a “Real ID?”

Yesterday, I sent back the Instant Pot to QVC, as well as the cookbook I bought to go with it, and am glad it’s gone.  I didn’t have one recipe turn out great…So today I made roast pork and sauerkraut in a cast iron pan in my oven and it was so much easier, and turned out so much better than anything I attempted in the Instant Pot…Life is good again.  The weather has turned fall-like and it’s drizzled for two days, so fall inspired foods make me happy.  I’m also trying to make sure I have the freezer full of things I can re-heat when Rich gets home from his hip replacement surgery this Thursday.  He’ll be home Friday, and I hope he does well.  I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated, but doubt I’ll have many videos up in the month of November, because he won’t be able to edit them until he’s allowed to walk much (and his computer is downstairs…)  Bummer….He’s trying to see if he can upload his editing software to a laptop upstairs, but until he does that, let’s not think about how many videos I won’t be getting uploaded, and concentrate on Rich getting better…I’m hoping that’s the plan…..

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