I can’t believe how many projects we’re getting done around the house in preparation for Rich’s surgery.  I hate cleaning the fronts of my kitchen cabinets, so spent today doing that, and washing dog covers for on furniture.  I’m am so exhausted, and have a big list that I still need to do before Thursday.

I haven’t got any more videos ready to go live (after the one I’m uploading tonight), so need to do some simple projects I’ve been planning on doing.  I don’t know if I’ve talked about my Tic Tac container idea or not, but I want to turn them into pill boxes for myself and friends.  I think they are the perfect size to put in a purse, and am going to cover them with napkins and see how that works.  I might have to try something else, but for now, that’s my plan.

I’m also going to show you how to keep beads on tops…you know how you buy beaded shirts, and wash them once, and the beads come off?  I have a plan to keep the beads attached with glue.  We’ll see how it works.  And lastly, I want to make a video comparing different anti-static powders, to see if one works better than another.  I had a viewer ask about the Brutus Monroe anti-static powder, and I couldn’t honestly say whether it worked better or not, since I’ve always blown the other powders off (which is a big no-no…)   I guess we’ll get the answer soon as to which one works the best, or if they all work basically the same….

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