I feel terribly when I realize it’s been so long since my last post…To bring you up to date, we spent a quiet Christmas Eve with the dogs and opened presents early Christmas day.  Rich bought me a three camera “security device” that I wanted to watch the wildlife that we feed.  You know you’re old when you think watching animals with a night vision camera is entertainment…Rich thought it would be nice to have one camera for inside the house when we are on vacation, so we can look in on the dogs and make sure they’re OK.  I told him that will be great, only he needs to check it first, to make sure they’re not freaking out about something, and then I’ll watch them.  You can talk through the cameras too, and he thought I might want to talk to the dogs.  I think it would freak them out, so I’ll use the talking feature for my front door camera, to talk to the UPS guy.

Christmas day, we spent with our college friends and had a nice time.  We watched the new Rambo movie on a loop…meaning it ran non-stop all afternoon.  The men loved it and the women just shook our heads.  One time was plenty, believe me..  Rich hasn’t been feeling well since Christmas…At first we thought he ate something that made him ill, but he’s still not over it, and I’m thinking we should call our doctor if he’s still sick tomorrow.   We were supposed to visit our closest friends on the day after Christmas, but Rich was really feeling lousy that day, so we stayed home instead.  I think we both needed the break, as we’ve been so busy the last week, that we were exhausted, and slept a lot that day instead.  I worked on the diamond painting of our nephew and his bride, and have been working on it a little (or a lot) every day this week.

The 27th, we did go to our friends and spent the day with them.  Their son is a movie writer in L.A., and we only get to see him once a year at Christmas.  We’ve been playing movie trivia games at Christmas for the last several years, and this year, our girlfriend found a really fun movie game that included hum-a-zoo’s so you could hum the theme songs of movies for people to guess.  No one else would try to hum-a-zoo but me, and I am apparently gifted at it, because they guessed almost every movie theme (correctly) that I hummed.  Their son thought it must not be very hard (since I made it look so easy, hahaha) so he took one of the remaining hum-a-zoos and the cards, and hummed a theme song.  For some reason it sounded like “Another one bites the dust,” which, of course, is not a movie theme….so he tried again…same result…we all thought it was the same song.  So he tried a completely different theme song, and I swear it sounded exactly the same to me.  He’s also a musician, and he thought that using a hum-a-zoo could not be that hard, but quickly realized that I am, in fact, a hum-a-zoo prodigy (hahahaha)…..I will say this…if he ever needs to hum “Another one bites the dust,” all he has to do is hum whatever theme song he hummed for us…and, we never did figure out what he was humming, because we were laughing so hard he wouldn’t tell us..  I know it’s wrong, but I couldn’t help myself.  He always beats us at movie trivia as he knows everything about every movie ever made (I swear), but this year, the hum-a-zoo gave the rest of us a fighting chance against him, and it was hysterically funny.  I wish I knew the name of that game because it wasn’t your typical trivia game..

Yesterday we went grocery shopping and I worked on the diamond painting.  It rained all day today, and neither of us felt great, so I read and worked on the diamond painting.  I’m pretty sure you’ll be reading that I’ve been working on the diamond painting for the foreseeable future, because it’s really big….I’m not kidding, BIG!!

Rich hasn’t felt like uploading any videos for me, and there are three that need to go up, and all three are pretty long, so I’m not sure when he’ll get serious about them.  I’ll try to get one uploaded before the end of the year, but am not making any promises.  It really will depend on how he feels.  I really hope he feels better soon…I’m starting to worry that he’s still not feeling well.

If I forget to make another post before New Years, here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year and more importantly, a healthy 2020…..

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