Rich and I spent a quiet New Year’s Eve at home with the dogs.  We’ve never been much for New Year’s celebrations, so it wasn’t a change from our norm.  We made pork with sauerkraut so we didn’t end up destroying our chances for a good 2020 because we didn’t eat pork.  The superstition suggests because a pig roots forward, eating pork on New Year’s Day helps a person to move ahead.   OK, so we already screwed that up, because we ate pork on New Year’s Eve and didn’t feel like eating it again on New Year’s Day…we went out for a late lunch and I had (Gasp!!!) chicken fajitas..Here’s the rest of the superstition.. The thought is you don’t want to eat chickens, which scratch backwards in a direction nobody wants to move….   Crap, I’ve already (apparently) looked backward or am moving backward or scratched backward…..I should have considered my fate when choosing chicken…that’s why I’ve been eating bacon with Rich ever since…haha

I’ve been working like a crazy person on the diamond painting of my nephew and his bride and their dog.  It’s really coming along.  I honestly thought I would be laying diamonds on this thing until the 12th of never, and that’s a long long time.  (I don’t know the song that came from, but every time I work on the diamond painting, it comes back to me…just that line, not the actual song.)

I spent part of yesterday balancing our checkbook, and if you know me, you know I’m an ex-banker….With that being said, it’s embarassing to admit that I haven’t balance the checkbook since June, and the guilt has been overwhelming.  I used to balance the checkbook monthly, and when I was working, sometimes more often than that.

Today, I got a late Christmas present in the mail.  Rich and I have been looking for a good camera for videos.  If you’ve noticed the poor sound quality on my videos in the last few months, it’s because I’ve been using an older camera than the one I’ve always loved using.  The problem with the one I loved (OK, the second problem) is that I dropped it, and it no longer works….the other problem is that it required double A batteries.  I hated that, even though I used rechargeable batteries, because I never knew when the camera stopped recording.  Each video would record for twenty minutes, and then it would stop and I’d never know it stopped.  I’d have to either use a timer, (andthat was way too distracting,) or just randomly stop and start a new video, so I wouldn’t lose some of the things I was doing.  I found a Canon camera that I really liked that uses a battery that has it’s own charger, and lasts a long time…Rich bought me an extra battery and it just came, and already Honey’s afraid of it.  It makes a tiny noise when it’s turned on, and that’s the end of Honey.  She ran from the room like she’d been beat with a stick.  She already hates it when I go in my craft room, so this is just one more reason for her to hate it…darn…

On another note, Honey got a present today in the mail as well.  We ordered her some Charlotte’s Web CBD oil gummies for dogs with anxiety.  I’m hoping that these make a small difference in her overly anxious life.  I’ll be sure to let you know how they work.  Charlotte’s Web, for those of you who don’t know much about CBD oil, is the foremost CBD oil producer in the USA.  CBD oil is found in marijuana plants, but does not give you the highs of marijuana, just the medicinal benefits.  It’s legal everywhere in the USA, and although you can find CBD oil at your local retailer, Charlotte’s Web has a lot more of the active ingredient in it than in most of the other brands.  It’s also kind of expensive, so when we saw they had a 40% off sale, we decided to give the gummies a try.  I really hope they help, as Honey seems to be getting more anxious instead of less, as time goes on.

I’ll be uploading the video about diamond painting for beginners and hope you enjoy it…




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