Diamond Painting for Beginners

Below you’ll find all of the information and products used in this video:

Link to snowman diamond painting kit on Aliexpress: https://tinyurl.com/wzgnx6f  I chose the square drills and 15 x 15 cm…..You’ll pay a little over $3 for the kit. It comes with the pink pick up tool, a plastic holder for the drills and the pink wax to stick inside the pink tool.

Victoriasmoon.co.uk is the company that sent me the large diamond painting kit with a photo I emailed them of my nephew, his bride and their dog the day after their wedding. Here’s a link to the diamond painting for wedding photos. https://tinyurl.com/sowzcm6 My painting is 50 x 70 and used square drills.

Tips for beginners:

1. Get the round drills instead of the square as the round are easier to work with (according to my friend Sherri who has a facebook page for diamond painters)

2. Get large drills (diamonds) vs. smaller ones.

3. Buy a storage container for your drills and put the embroidery floss numbers on the lids as well as the code for that particular painting.

4. Each kit you buy will come with the pink wax, the applicator tool and the little bin that you’ll use to shake from side to side to turn the diamonds right side up and to put the diamonds on the painting.

5.  When you have a large area all one color, use the checkerboard system that I demonstrate at 29 minutes and 40 seconds.

6. If you have a wrinkle in your diamond painting, Studio Sam has a great video that shows you how to fix it. It’s link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDfVWcjkQq4&t=129s

You don’t need to buy these, but I do recommend you buying:

a. Light pad…this lights your diamond painting from behind…I didn’t like that it doesn’t come with an electric cord, instead the cord needs to connect to an outlet like on your computer… Link for the light pad I bought..https://tinyurl.com/rous9cc It was $11.99 Mine came with a big blue clip and that is a great tool to hold the diamond painting where you want it on the light pad.

b. When doing a large diamond painting, you should get parchment paper to cover the unfinished surface of your painting so you don’t get your clothing stuck to the painting so much that it’s no longer sticky.

c. Washi tape to surround the edges of your painting that will be unfinished, and are sticky, so the edges don’t end up covered with clothing fibers.

How to start a new painting:

1. Make sure you take washi tape and surround the painting, making sure the lines are completely straight with the edge lines of the painting.

2. Buy storage containers for the diamonds (drills) and label each container with the code for this painting as well as the number used for embroidery floss (as this is the number that will be consistent from painting to painting. I cut the numbers out of the plastic baggies that came with diamonds and taped this to the top of my containers. I also added the symbol for this painting to the top of the container. You will definitely benefit from creating a storage system, as it will make you crazy looking through 38 baggies for the one you want each time you change colors.

3. You can start at any point, but I found that I like starting at the top left corner and trying to cover across the painting and moving down the painting worked best for me..especially when it’s as large as this one is. You’ll want to make sure you keep the unfinished portion covered with either the paper that lines it to begin with, or parchment paper, as it will lose it’s stickiness if you don’t. I cut lines in the cover paper about 4″ long and spaced 4″ across so I could keep as much covered as possible.

4. When you empty one color into it’s storage container, I recommend that you put them into a tray first and lay another tray over it and rub them together to fix any diamonds that have adhered to each other during production.

How to finish a diamond painting:

Once your painting’s done, you’ll want to use a rolling pin or a brayer to roll over the painting to ensure all of the diamonds are well adhered. If you use a wood rolling pin, put a towel over the painting so the rolling pin doesn’t damage the painting. You’ll need to seal it. I watched a video by Studio Sam called Sealing your Diamond Painting, What’s Best, and she recommended Deco Art Triple Thick Brilliant Brush On Gloss Glaze. I brushed it on my painting to seal it so the diamonds don’t fall off and so it doesn’t collect dust. You can add some glitter to hide some of the problems you might have with lining up your diamonds, and if you do this, use as little glitter as possible. I tried using the Tim Holtz glitter sprayer and didn’t have good luck with it, so just sprinkled glitter on.. I brushed off excess glitter and used a baby wipe that I added baby shampoo (1 tsp. with water in a spray bottle) to remove some of the excess glitter…it worked ok. Let it dry. Clean the brush as soon as you’re done with it as the Gloss Glaze will ruin it if you don’t.

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