Dollar Tree Gnome, Easy to Make w/ Hand Issues

I have seen these gnomes on YouTube, but I couldn’t make them the way I’ve seen shown, as my hands don’t have the strength to make them…So, I modified the technique to work for me.

Tools Used:

Fiskars Easy Action Scissors….on sale at Joanns now for $9.99 here’s the link: These are great for people with hand issues and are recommended by the Arthritis Foundation.

A fuzzy Dollar Tree sock, link: (these will work as well couldn’t find the fuzzy option online at Dollar Tree)

A short women’s Dollar Tree black sock link:

A White mens Dollar Tree sock: link

Simpliity Wolf Faux Fur 4″ Trim from Joann’s link: I use about 3 to 4″ for each gnome.

Hot glue gun, Mine is a Gorilla Glue Gun and I love it link:

A cup large enough to fill with rice and your white sock.

Cheap white rice

White string, can be embroidery floss or simple white string

LA Colors Shimmering Loose pink eyeshadow from Dollar Tree link: and a small brush to apply it with

Decorations…I used a jingle bell and twine and a styrofoam ball To make the gnome.

Start by putting the white sock into the plastic cup and fill it with rice…After you’ve filled the sock to the level you want (mine are 6″ tall), you’ll take the string and tie off the top of the sock right where the rice ends. I tie one knot then wrap around to the other side and double knot. This is easier for me because once you wrap the string around to the back, the knot doesn’t open (like it would if you tried to do a double knot the first time.)

Nose. I take a length of string, 18″ and make a lasso looking circle with a single knot tied in it. I put the string around the spot on the sock that I want the nose to be, (very close to the tied top) and pinch as much as I can of the sock and the rice…the more you grasp, the bigger your nose will be. Pull the string tight and wrap the string under the nose and knot it again, then back to the top and double knot it, as this will ensure your string won’t let loose and you shouldn’t have a problem with the string breaking either. Take 18″ of string, and tie it around the middle of the gnome. Tie it tight so you create a girdle and your gnome will stand up straight. Tie a single knot then wrap the string around to the back and tie it again, only this time, tie a double knot, then cut off the excess string. Take your black sock, cut it off right below the heel, and put the foot of the sock on the gnome like you would a kids’ sock (by folding the sock down so you can easily start it on the bottom of the gnome,) and make sure the toe is on the back of the gnome..Pull the black sock up to the nose, and hot glue it right under the nose so you can’t see where the black sock ends. You only want the sock to come up to the bottom of the nose, so trim off the excess if you have too much sock left under the nose..Pull the black sock up on the back of the gnome and hot glue it in place, and pull it as high as possible on the sides and glue it. You should use your scissors to hold the sock in place after hot gluing it so you don’t burn yourself. Take a brush and your pink eyeshadow and coat the nose as much as possible (as it will wear off with time)..Blow off any excess.

Hat…take your fuzzy sock and cut just below where the heel starts..since mine was striped, it was easy to cut across at the change in color. Then turn the sock almost inside out and put the styrofoam ball (1″)  at the very top of the toe of the sock, pull the sock tightly around the ball and take your string and tie it so the ball is tightly surrounded by the toe of the sock…knot it then take some twine (18″) and wrap the end of the twine with scotch tape that you fold over to create a point. Cut the tape so it makes it easy to put the twine through a jingle bell, then wrap the twine around the string at the base of the styrofoam ball and make a bow or a knot, and cut off excess twine. Glue the beard in place first, and then add your hat.

Beard. I cut through the backing of the faux fur, don’t cut the fur, put the tip of your scissors right under the backing but not under the fur..I cut a 3 1/2″ long piece. Trim off any backing you can see at the top of your fur (the top is the opposite end from where the long fur is)..Cut out the middle at the top, a spot for your nose, cut under the backing so you don’t cut off your fur. Trim the sides if it’s too wide, and use those pieces to make a moustache or goatee. Round the bottom edges and trim away excess backing as you don’t want it to show. Glue it under the nose and hold in place with scissors until it’s set, then glue the rest to hold it in place. Glue the hat to the top of the nose then pull down as much as possible in back and glue in place.


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