You’d be amazed at the progress I’ve made on the huge diamond painting of my nephew and his new bride and their dog…..I can’t believe how far I’ve come.  When I began working on it, I thought it would literally take me months to complete, and now I’m looking at finishing it possibly in the next week.  I know, it’s crazy!!!

I thought I’d need to have Rich help me to complete it, as I would never have the endurance or commitment to finish it on my own, and when you see it in a video (and you definitely will), I think you’ll be surprised at not only that I finished it, but also how truly large it is.

For Christmas, Rich bought me a Blink security system…not really for security, but more because I’ve always wanted to be able to watch the animals that we feed corn to every winter.  He bought a three camera system that you can talk through (here’s the link in case you’d like to buy one for yourself….I’m not an affiliate and make no money from this, but thought others might have an interest in it too.  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MMZF2BF/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

He finally installed the cameras….one at the front door so if we aren’t home and someone rings our doorbell, we can talk to them, one in the backyard to watch the animals and one inside to watch the dogs when we are on vacation.  He hasn’t installed the indoor camera, as we don’t want to use the batteries until we need to..and we spend most of our time with the dogs, so don’t need to watch them on camera when we can simply glance over at them any time we want.

Last night we got several alerts from Blink on Rich’s cellphone.  It alerts whenever there is movement in the camera’s sight line.  I think Rich needs to figure out how to change the alert to larger shape movement, because we got one notice when a rabbit came to eat, and another when a raccoon came to eat.  We got a bunch more for deer, and that’s more what we want to see…or the bear and her cubs that comes by each fall and spring to destroy my bird feeders.  Maybe we’ll catch them on camera before they get to our bird feeders and stop their progress before they there.  Since we can talk to them through the cameras, I’m hoping we can discourage her from getting closer to our house.  Maybe she’s used to these security systems, and when we talk through it, she’ll just ignore us….It would be great if I could outsmart the bear, but I find it highly unlikely.  Much like the mice in the garage we built to hold Rich’s 1966 Mustang.  They have found ways to live in the Mustang, even though we’ve tried everything we can think of to stop them…When new products come out, we try them….If you’ve heard about the peppermint and cinnamon oil products you can buy to deter mice, don’t buy it.  If you’ve heard that moth balls discourage mice, that’s not true, and the one we really believed, the electronic devices that mice supposedly hate, not so much…We have one in every electric outlet in a small garage, and we probably have more mice than devices residing there at this point.  I think the last thing we’ve tried (consistently) has been putting drier sheets inside the car…All over the inside of the car…in the trunk, the glove compartment, under the seats, you name it.  And still, last year, when Rich took the car out for the first time, he had three passengers (that he knows of) as one jumped out when he opened the door to get in, and another one jumped out when Rich got out of the car at a car parts store (looking for yet more mice deterents,) and finally, the last one, that rode with him through the entire trip, to jump out when he pulled back into the garage (apparently it knew it was home and the ride was over.)  I told Rich that I might not be willing to go anywhere in his car until he got the mice situation under control….

We could put poison or traps in the garage, but that’s a very last option, as I hate the idea of animals suffering for long periods of time, or being caught in the trap, but not dying, and laying there until they die.  It’s too cruel for me to consider..

I’m sure you know that we live in N/W PA, and the weather here in winter is not exactly fun…until today.  It’s not sunny or visually attractive, but it’s almost 60 degrees and you have no idea how great it feels to not be bundled up just to go outside…Today’s the kind of day you want to run errands in and we definitely will.  It’s really windy, but a warm wind, and I don’t mind that either.  It makes me believe that spring is on its way…and I, for one, can’t wait.





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