DiY Covered Dollar Tree Planner & Bookmark

I tried to find the planner on the Dollar Tree website, but couldn’t, but they are still available in the stores.  It’s called a “Weekly 2020 Planner.” 

Using 12 x 12″ designer paper, fold it in half (from side to side) to determine the center of your paper and then lay the planner inside, so the left edge of the planner is laying on the center fold. Try to make sure your planner is in the middle of the paper (from top to bottom.) Fold the bottom edge of the paper up and make sure the left edge of the folded paper is lined up with the left edge of the rest of the paper (and that will ensure your paper is straight on the bottom of your book.) Make a good crease so the fold stays in place, but don’t put the planner inside yet. Then fold the top paper down to meet the top of the planner, and make sure the left edge of the paper you’re folding down, lines up with the left edge of the paper  and make a crease where you’ve folded it. Put the planner inside and fold the left side of the paper so it’s almost up to the left side of the planner and crease the paper…Do the same on right side but add about 1/4″ to the folded paper so there’s 1/4″ more paper on the right side of the planner. The outside of the planner is done.

Bookmark.  I used a sheet of white Recollections 110 lb heavyweight cardstock and folded it in half on the 11″ length. Using a ruler, from the left side, make a mark that is    2 3/4″ from the left edge of the folded cardstock. Then from the top, make a mark 1/4″ from the left edge and on the left side, make a mark 1/4″ from the top of the cardstock. On the 2 3/4″ side, make a mark on the top 1/4″ to the left of your mark, and on the right side, make a mark 1/4″ from the top. Take a pencil and connect the 1/4″ marks so you have an angle on the top left and top right sides and it makes it look like a tag. Make a mark 4 1/4″ from the top of the paper so your bookmark is that tall…I ended up changing this measurement, so in the end, I cut it to 4″, sorry.  Cut out your bookmark, following the lines and making sure you don’t cut the top fold.  I lined the white cardstock with designer paper that is 3 3/4″ tall by 2 1/2″ wide and made my top cuts to match the angles of the layer below. I added a sentiment to my top layer with Stampin’ Up Bermuda Bay ink and used Brutus Monroe Icicle embossing powder to heat set it. I used a micro brush to fix the ink error… I added two small magnets under the top designer paper layer about 1″ from the bottom edge. The magnets I used are 3mm wide by 1mm thick and I bought 100 of them from the following link: for a little over $1.00.. I used four magnets and drop the entire pile onto my scissors so I know which side is the magnetic side, then put Glue Dots on the white layer of the paper before adhering the designer paper layer and lay a magnet on the Glue Dots then adhere the second magnet to the right of the first magnet, then add the designer paper on top….To adhere the second set of magnets, close the bookmark and drop the magnets so they stick where the other magnets are adhered to the back layer…put glue dots under the magnets and add the designer paper layer.

Back to the planner. I cut designer paper to go inside the front cover of the planner. Measure the paper on the left side of the planner and cut it to the size of the paper. For the back inside cover, I cut the paper to the size of the paper when you open the planner and are using both sides for your measuring. (since all planners are a little different size, you’ll need to measure the paper in yours and it’s why I didn’t give measurements for mine.) I added tear tape to the backs of these papers and added wet glue to adhere them to the inside of the planner… To make a belly band to hold the planner closed, I used Stretch Ribbon I found in the jewelry making supply department at Walmart. I used black stretch ribbon and wrapped it around an orange hair tie I bought at the Dollar Tree and then hot glued the end of the ribbon after wrapping it around the hair tie. I took it and wrapped the stretch ribbon and the hair tie around the planner, then wrapped the other end of the stretch ribbon around the other side of the hair tie and hot glued it in place making sure the stretch ribbon was tight enough to hold the planner closed when not in use.. I hot glued two blue brads (after cutting off the backs of the brads) to the stretch ribbon on either side of the orange hair tie..

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