The big news is, I am one day away from finishing the big diamond painting.  I can’t believe it’s almost done.  I promised my sister that I would give it to her, and if my nephew and his bride decide they want one, I’ll make another one for them.  I have to say, I’m disappointed in the quality of the diamonds in the kit.  I was told that I should have much better quality diamonds than I did with the first diamond painting I did with the snowman.  I thought that this website, https://victoriasmoon.co.uk/, that sent me the customized diamond painting, would have terrific quality, but sadly, I’m not happy with them.  Some are smaller, some are thicker, and some were actually round.  Since I got the square diamond painting, finding round diamonds seemed to be a big mistake on their part.  I’m not sure if I should just give up diamond paintings, since mine never seem to line up straight because the diamonds are not all the same.

I’ll show you the finished project so you can decide for yourself if the quality is poor or not…

We’ve been having so much fun watching animals eat at night on our Blink cameras.  The cameras are set to record in five second increments, so we get a lot of small clips of animals eating.  It’s fun to watch rabbits eating with deer, and a family of four raccoons eating…We have two bucks that come to eat together every night.  I didn’t know male deer hung with each other…I thought only the females did that, so I’m learning a lot about animals.  I also didn’t think rabbits would be comfortable eating a few feet away from deer, but they don’t seem to mind at all, and act like they don’t notice any other animals are nearby…

Yesterday, we went to see “1913,” a movie about World War I.  If you get a chance to see it, you definitely should.  It’s not your basic war movie, more about two men who are given a task to deliver a note to the front line, and how they carry out their mission. It keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end, and I hope it wins the Oscar for best film..  As most war movies, it has some down moments, but it’s a really great film.  I didn’t know the two lead actors, but they did an amazing job.

Rich is almost done with the last video he needs to upload, and it’s great that this video corresponds with the timing to finish the diamond painting so I can get back to making other videos.  I’m relieved that it’s almost done, but with the results were better.  I still think my sister will like it…At least I hope she does.

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