We’re having a great time on vacation and wish it could last longer…We are travelling back to Pittsburgh tomorrow, and not getting in until after midnight, so going home Sunday morning.  Our dog sitter couldn’t stay tomorrow night, so my best friend volunteered to stay for us….She’s the greatest….Spent a whole day while the well drillers were there this week, and said the dogs couldn’t decide who should be sitting on her lap….one was always on her.  And that’s after she gave them anxiety medications..I can’t tell you how much it means to me to know there’s someone who loves my dogs sitting there on my behalf…She’s one of a kind…the best of people.

Of course, no trip is complete without me getting sick from fellow travelers.  I even wore a mask on the plane rides, and wiped every surface with anti-bacterial cleanser….still, I caught a cold….I always plan for as many unforseen illnesses as possible, so had cold medicine, as well as zinc, Vitamin C, and tablets there were supposed to boost my immune system…I know you think I didn’t bother taking the immune boosters, but I did….and they didn’t help…Or maybe the cold would have been a lot worse without them, we’ll just have to wonder….

Rich always gets a sunburn…Always…No matter how much I nag him about sunscreen, he doesn’t seem to care.  This burn on his chest and arms was really driving him crazy today.  I wish he’d remember days like this when he decides not to wear sunscreen, but a man’s gonna do what a man’s gonna do.

We went into Phillipsburg today to buy something for my girlfriend whose been so good with the dogs….I saw a white top at one of the straw market vendors a couple of days ago, and thought she’d like it…(at least I hope she does)….My first visit ended like this…Me–how much is that top?  Vendor–How much you want to pay?  Me—Please give me a price…Her–how about $30?  (Now I know she’s playing with me and I tell her that I would just like her to give me her lowest price.)…She says “Just tell me what you willing to pay….”  I say “I don’t want to offend you and make you mad if I give a price that’s too low.”  Vendor–“Give me a price.”  So I say $12, knowing it’s low, but not knowing how far off I am…I REALLY HATE BARTERING…She says “NO, $15….and she’s yelling at me.and continues yelling about $12 and this not a cheap shirt…so I tell her I’ll think about it and come back later in the week….She thinks I’m a liar….When I came back today, she remembered and when I asked if she had two of the same shirt, she seemed to think I should pay more for the second one…How does that work? Any way, in the end, I bought both myself and my girlfriend this top…I hope it doesn’t fall apart in the washing machine, but you never know.  The same top at different vendors ranged for $25-$35, so I think I got a good deal.  And in the end, I did figure out a way to stop the women from abusing me.  When I look at something and they start to bug me about buying it, (as happened with this shirt I bought) I said “I just bought this shirt.”  And then they wanted to know how much I paid for it and I told them $15, and they stopped asking more and told me I paid a good price….Which makes me feel like I just bought a used car and everyone but me knows it’s a lemon that I should have paid a lot less for….but that’s me.

I wanted to take some video on the beach for my channel, and the boardwalk was literally deserted.  If there were twenty people from one end to the other (blocks of sidewalk) that was probably an exaggeration…Rich was standing maybe four feet away from me and I was talking into the camera and it was clear that we were videotaping….A man was walking down the boardwalk and clearly saw us, but felt rather than take two steps to walk around us, he should walk right through the shot like he didn’t see us there….What’s the matter with people today that they have no common courtesy?  I get so frustrated that people can’t be bothered to be kind…sp I said something rash, and could have gotten Rich killed if the guy had decided he didn’t appreciate what I said.  I need to remember that people are also crazy..Luckily, this man was just inconsiderate…Apparently the only one bringing the crazy was me.


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