I spent the day today practicing interviewing with the college seniors from the college Rich and I attended.  It’s always fun to give back, and hopefully, the students will get good jobs with their newly improved interviewing skills.

Last night, I worked on the images I want to turn into cards.  I die cut a ton of frames for the images with different dies, and put them in piles to now turn into cards.  My goal for tomorrow is to finish them, and since it took all evening to die cut the frames, it should give me a lot of cards to use going forward.

I made this diamond painting for my sister, who is Catholic.  She fell a couple of weeks ago and had to have surgery on her wrist, and I thought she’d really like this image.

IMG_0036I wanted to surprise my sister with this gift, and hope she really likes it.  I’m trying to find something that is large enough to mail this and the larger diamond painting I made of my nephew and his bride on the beach.  It’s almost double the size of Mother Mary.

I’ve been having so much fun with diamond painting and finding ways to diamond paint on things that aren’t painting, and hope some of you will give this craft a try.  I can’t recommend it more highly.  You don’t have to buy a bunch of extra tools, the ones you need come with every new kit you buy.  It’s inexpensive too, and I like that as well..


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