I’m glad February is almost behind us, as spring is just around the corner (in my mind.)  With that being said, the groundhog’s prediction for an early spring has not proven accurate…We are in the middle of a winter storm advisory with anticipated snow fall up to 12″…that doesn’t sound very springy to me.  We’ve already gotten about four inches, but it’s the wind that’s been causing issues..  Snow is falling almost horizontally, making visibility impossible in certain spots.  It’s days like this that I’m so happy we’re retired and don’t have to venture out unless we need something.

It’s also a great day to get into the craft room.  Unfortunately, Honey hates the wind, and hates me being in the craft room even more…She finds Rich and sits beside him, crying.  It’s so sad to watch.  I wish I knew why she hates the craft room, maybe it’s the horrible state of messiness it which it normally can be found.  I wish I knew, so I could ease her anxiety.

I’ve been seriously working on the “simple” cards I wanted to make out of the images I’ve colored.  So far, I’ve worked on them for three nights and have only made ten cards.  Yep, ten.  I think the reason it’s been going so slowly, is the first night I took each image and die cut it, and cut frames and other papers to layer with.   The second night, I went through my scrap box of cardstock and patterned papers and found ones that might work well with the stack, and then last night I really worked at making cards in earnest.

Maybe the word “simple” isn’t in my vocabulary, because I thought I’d stick to a few embellishments and make the process streamlined, by using those and rub-on sentiments I had in my stash.  I chose to tackle the pile of images from the top to the bottom, rather than looking through the pile with each new card I was making, thinking that would make things more efficient.  What I’ve found is that I can try to do the steps I’ve outlined, but ultimately I’ll think of another embellishment that would work well with a particular image, or I’d find a card could use some ribbon, and my embellishment stack continues to grow.   I know Kristina Werner is working with just a few craft essentials for her February cards, but just realized that wouldn’t work for me.  I wish I could do that, and this video was an attempt at that, but it isn’t my style.  “I have a ton of craft supplies so why not use them?”  That’s what I’m telling myself is the reason for my failure.  Ultimately, though, I think the reason Kristina’s system works for her is because she designs her cards before she makes them, so she can design them around the supplies she’s using.  I never design anything before making it.  I will follow a fun fold card design as far as the workings of the card, but never plan the papers or embellishments or overall look of my cards.  I wonder if you plan out your cards, or if you’re more like me?

Rich is running errands, so I won’t be able to do anything with the cards until he gets home.  I have to hang with Honey, and believe me, she’s not happy with the wind.  I just looked outside and saw five male Cardinals and one female in one pear tree.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many of them hanging out with each other like that.  It’s really beautiful and if I thought they’d sit there long enough for me to get a camera, I’d take a photo and upload it so you could enjoy them too.

Alas, already I’m down to three Cardinals left, and now there are two.  Lucky I didn’t run around looking for my camera….

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