Normally, every other year at this time, we would be thinking of what kind of Irish food I’d be making for St.Patrick’s Day, but not this year.  I’ll be honest, the longer this Coronavirus scare goes on, the more “scared” I’m getting.  It’s not that I’m hoarding, or worried about whether we’ll have food, it’s more that I worry about how closing so many businesses might ultimately destroy those small businesses….I also worry about people who live paycheck to paycheck, and all of a sudden, there is no paycheck, and they spent their last paycheck making sure they have enough food and essentials to get them through this “crisis.”  Is there anyone else thinking about these things…I guess I mean people who can “fix” things?

I do worry about the medications I take, as some of them I can’t live without.  Has anyone considered  what will happen after two weeks of quarantine, if the virus isn’t here (where I live) yet?  Since it’s not here yet, and we’re under the two week quarantine, I wonder if the decision to close non-essential businesses wasn’t premature…I can’t imagine that most families would be able to provide for their families for a month without income…and how long are the stores going to allow the hoarding they’ve so far allowed?  Rich told me a man bought 17,000 cases of hand sanitizer and is selling them for huge sums of money online due to the fear, and lack of availability in stores.  He should never have been allowed to hoard that many cases, let alone a few.  It’s my belief that unless you’re buying sanitizer for a business or school, no one would need a case of it…let alone 17,000 cases.  It’s insane.  Yet here we are.  And back to my medications….who will be making and transporting them if the rest of the states do what Pennsylvania and Ohio have done in closing businesses…

I’m taking this one day at a time.  Rich and I have always kept pantry items on hand…lots of macaroni, soups, canned vegetables, etc., so we’re not worried about having to go to the grocery store any time soon.  I hope the two week quarantine plan does at least ease the minds of the people who are over-hoarding food.

To keep my mind occupied, I’m trying to do extra videos and hopefully, they will not only keep my mind occupied, but maybe yours as well.

Let’s all stay at home and craft something wonderful, or clean our craft rooms….that would take me at least two weeks if I did it right.

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