Yesterday, I made two videos…one using the same dies I’d used to make earrings, only this time showing how to layer them to make a card, and am finishing a double page spread in my art journal.  I don’t know if I talked about this idea, but I have a huge stamp of a woman’s face and long flowing hair, and as soon as I got it, this idea came to me.  I thought if I stamped it in archival ink, I could color the hair and then use embroidery floss to cover her hair in a variety of colors of floss. I soaked the floss in school glue and laid it on the image.  It took a really long time and a lot of mistakes, to learn how to make it work best.  I found the shorter the lengths of floss I use, the better…You can’t cover over the center of the book, as you’ll never be able to close it again, so you have to stop on either side of the spine.  It’s so messy, but lots of fun (if you don’t get so covered in glue that the embroidery floss sticks more to you than your project.)  Today, I’m going to finish the background of the image, and hopefully make it look really fun, with a lot of layers of mixed media.  I guess you’ll have to wait for the video to see how it turns out.

As for me, I’m not going anywhere, so plan on putting up a lot of videos.  Rich and I are going to do one together, where we give you all kinds of ideas of what to do (and they require no money,) while you are quarantined in your state.  PA, where we live, is optionally quarantining us.  They’re asking that we don’t go out unless we have to, and not getting in any crowds of people over ten…and that’s not a lot of people.

All of our non-essential businesses are closed, and we went out the first day the governor declared this, and it’s kind of spooky when you don’t see anyone out shopping or doing anything.  But if I had to guess, I’d bet there’s still no hand sanitizer, toilet paper,  milk, bread, etc on the shelves.  I hope that two weeks will make a big difference in containing the virus here, and hope all of you are staying inside and keeping safe.  If I didn’t mention this product before, called Microban…if you can find it in your grocery store or Walmart, it’s like Lysol, except for the next 24 hours, it continues to kill germs on the surface you sprayed it on.  Lysol will kill all of the germs at that moment, but as soon as someone touches that surface after it’s sprayed, it’ll get germy all over again…I’d rather spray a surface every 24 hours instead of every few minutes.  And it’s not very expensive..I found bottles for under $5.  And it’s a big pump-action bottle and should last us a very long time…

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