Making Paper Earrings & Earring Kit Results

Below you’ll find complete instructions and products used in making this video: Beebeecraft earring making kit link:

The Beebeecraft kit included the wires and the faceted stones, and all you need are the tools to turn them into earrings. I also added beaded dangles I created.

Bead Landing Jewelry Tool Set link at Michaels:        Tools in the set that I used are: Flat nose pliers, Long nose pliers – (I called these pliers) Round nose pliers, and a Flush cutter —I called this a wire cutter.

The dies I used to make the paper earrings were from Aliexpress, and here’s a link to them.

You’ll want to put the cutting part of the die face down on the front of the cardstock you use. Run it through your die cutting machine, and you’ll need four of the same pattern for every pair of earrings you make. I used a Xyron to turn my die cuts into stickers: link Put the die cut face up into the arrow of your Xyron, and then pull the paper to pull the die cut through the machine. Again, you’ll need four of these. When it comes out of the Xyron, you’ll probably find a lot of excess glue in the openings of your die cut. You need to get rid of as many of this as possible, as they are harder to remove once you lay this die cut on a layer of cardstock to create the earring. I use a pokey tool and run it around each of the openings on my die cut until I can’t see any more glue. The correct term for a pokey tool is a craft pick, and Sizzix makes ones that’s less expensive than the Tim Holtz one I used in the video…here’s the one from Sizzix link: and the one from Tim Holtz link: After you’ve removed all excess glue, find a color of cardstock that you like. I chose navy blue. Lay one of your die cut on the cardstock and line one edge up with the side of the paper, so you don’t have to cut that side of the die cut. Then cut the other sides out by tilting your scissors under your die cut just a little, so you won’t see any navy blue sticking out from your edges. If once you’ve cut it out, you find that you still have glue showing inside, you can use a tool called an Adhesive remover, link: They are now selling these at the larger Dollar Tree locations and they work exactly the same way. You will rub the corner of the adhesvie remover against the sticky part until the sticky part is removed. This might take a little while, so be patient, and don’t rush the process, or you might tear your paper. Next, take the second of your die cuts that you’ve run through the Xyron and cleaned the glue residue from and lay it on the reverse side of the navy blue paper, lining it up so it’s in the same position as the reverse side. This is important so when you poke a hole through it, you don’t poke one hole through navy blue paper, and through silver paper on the reverse side.  You will want to do all of these steps a second time to create your second earring. Then, using a piece of foam, lay your earring on it and decide where you want your hole to go. Remember your hole can’t be so far down your earring that the ring won’t close. You need the hole to be close enough to the outside of your earring, that the ring can move freely when attached. Punch a hole on each of your earrings in roughly the same spot with your pokey tool. Choosing the size of your open ring is important, as is the weight. Here’s a link to the 6 mm open jump ring I found at Hobby Lobby. and the link for 10mm:  I only had 10mm open rings, so used the same for everything, but the earrings would look better if you used smaller rings whenever possible. To open the ring to put it through the hole you poked, you’ll use two pairs of your pliers, the flat nose and the long nose (that I just called pliers.) Holding the open ring near the opening on either side with both pairs of pliers, bend one side back..don’t pull the sides apart, as you don’t want to spring them open, so you can easily pull it back to the closed position when you are done. Once the ring is open, insert it through the earring add a fish hook ear wire…here are options from Joanns, link:

You’ll need two head pins link:   Mine were 1 1/2″ long, but you can use up to 2″ long..longer pins work better for a longer beaded dangle. Take the beads you want and put them on the head pin, realizing the bottom of the pin (with the head) is the lowest part of the earring. Using the round nose plier, hold the pin about 1/8″ from the bead and bend it to 90 degrees, then turn the pliers over and fold the wire around the plier, forming a loop, then fold the wire around the base of the loop two turns then using snips, trim off any excess wire. Put an open ring on the top and attach the ring to the earring loop.

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