Yesterday I finished a couple more videos and am almost done with the double art journal pages I’ve been working on for a few days.  I might have turned the pages into a “hot mess,” as it looked really good until I decided maybe the “hair” made out of embroidery floss, needed Stickles.  And then I just lost my mind, squeezing Stickles all over the place.  I think I’m turning into my mother, as she absolutely LOVED Puffy Paint…I’m not even sure if they still make it, but she was obsessed with it.  She was going to go on a really big trip to Israel shortly after my dad died, so Rich and I bought her a really big (this is before weight was a consideration for luggage) piece of luggage, that stood upright and had shelves in it.  It was a hunter green–we could have bought black, but we wanted it to stick out so she wouldn’t have to look hard for it when it came off the luggage turnstile.  Apparently the green color didn’t stand out enough, so, first she made a red crocheted “chain” that she attached to the handle, thinking that would make it easier to spot….and then she decided that wasn’t good enough, (sound familiar?) so she took several colors of Puffy Paint and stood above the luggage (laying it flat on the ground) and hosed it down with Puffy Paint in random squiggle designs.  When we saw it, we were mortified…It looked like a toddler had destroyed her luggage…But my mother loved her art work, and never had any trouble finding her luggage….When she stopped travelling, she offered it to me, and luckily, we have a lot of luggage, so I could use that as my excuse.  I haven’t seen the art journal since it’s dried, and I’m hoping I don’t look at it and burst into tears, but you just don’t know.  Maybe it dried so it looks a lot less tacky…I doubt it.

As for today, I went through several new videos and wrote the notes Rich will need while editing, and put them in the order I’d like to have them uploaded in.  I want to make sure the one I made for de-stressing, goes up first, as it’s important people have ways to destress while we’re all staying at home.  And I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m ready to do something, anything that involves a store.  Rich has run all of the errands since we’ve self-quarantined, so I’m staying safe, but I’m still looking forward to a time when I can get in the car and go somewhere to do something fun….and hope it’s soon….

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