Completed Diamond Painting Projects

The cupcake designs I used are different from the ones they currently sell…here’s the link to them:

To turn these into magnets, I covered the hole that the key chain would go through, with a rolled up glue dot. I put a matching diamond over the Glue Dot. I used magnets I had on hand, and using a black marker, traced around the magnet near the center upper portion of the back plastic on the key ring. I removed the clear plastic from the back, and cut out the circle I’d drawn. I put the plastic wrap back on the key chain, and then laid the magnet on a glue dot and put it on the open area of plastic wrap that I’d cut out.

Passport Cover link: It seems they no longer offer the passport cover I got, but here are the ones they now offer, and there are some really nice options.

I turned mine into a notepad cover by taking a Dollar Tree note pad (that was too big for the cover,) and had to cut it down with my craft knife…I didn’t do the world’s best job, and recommend you finding a note pad that is closer to the size you need….it would be a lot easier.

5D DIY Full Drill Diamond Painting Words Embroidery Mosaic Craft Kit Decor, 30 x 30 Round Drills, Someone we love is in heaven: link:

I would recommend you buying this in a larger size, maybe 40 x 40 or 50 x 50, as it’s hard to read (in person, it’s so much harder to read than it was on camera, and I’m not sure why that is.)

I have one more project that I’ll be sharing in my next video…The tree of life diamond painting…I wanted to show how I framed it by using an existing framed artwork I already had in my home….You’ll see this in my next video.

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