Dollar Tree Haul, It’s Good for a Laugh

Below you’ll find the product descriptions and links to Dollar Tree.
Moroccan Style Placemat:

Crafter’s Square Pop Dot Tape: I couldn’t find this in their online store, but here are the options they do show online.

Jot Foam Mounting Tape: The bottom right option is the one I bought.

Crafter’s Square Magical Adhesive Dots: I couldn’t find this in their online store, sorry

Crafter’s Square Double Sided Tape:

Crafter’s Square Wood Letters:

3″ Square Glass Votive Holder:

Foam Egg Picks:

Here’s what the birdhouses looked like before Rich cut them:

I couldn’t find the napkins online, sorry

Bird Wall Stickers:

Wood Gazebo Birdhouse –Available at Michaels—

Mod Podge Outdoor:

Jewel Border Stickers: available in silver and gold, I bought gold.

In my next video, we’ll be making the Easter centerpiece using the votive and the eggs from the egg picks. I hope you’ll check it out.


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