How to Use Chalkola Chalk Markers, Plus a Giveaway

I received a set of 30 Chalkola Chalk Markers with an extra gold colored marker and a black board from the nice people at Chalkola.

Chalk marker can be used with any non-porous surface…examples would be glass, plastic, blackboards, ceramic. You can write on ceramic mugs, I bought a Christmas ornament (I bought one from Celebrate-it) and drew a Christmas tree on it.

The Dollar Tree sells trinket boxes link: that you can use for the tooth fairy and write a message on it.

Snail images free images to print:

Plastic notebook sleeve to color on:

I’ve found these at the Dollar Tree during back to school time. Tracing a design on a car window. Put the paper on the outside of the window and tape it where you want it. Get inside the car and trace the design on the inside of the window and it will stay there until you wipe it off. Once you’ve completed your design, remove the taped image from the window.

House window: To put a design on your window, tape the picture to the outside of your window, and draw on the inside of the window, and once the drawing is complete, remove the paper from the outside of the window… Stamping with markers: Use red rubber stamps and use the marker on the stamp then use your fingertip to remove excess ink…stamp onto a non-porous surface and let dry. You won’t get a perfect image, but it’s fun to do. You can also stamp on the Christmas ornament I showed earlier.

To receive a 10% discount on any Chalkola order, use the code: CHALKOLA10

1. Eligible entries must subscribe to Chalkola’s YouTube channel. Only persons from the UK, Canada and USA are eligible to win the set of chalk markers. The set size is a set of 21 markers for the UK and Canada and a set of 30 for the USA .

2. You need to leave a comment below this video that says you’ve subscribed to Chalkola’s YouTube channel and your email address or name. I’d prefer your email address so I can contact you after the drawing’s results.

The drawing will be done on April 15th and I will contact you via email to let you know you’re a winner. The marker set will be sent directly from Chalkola to the winner.

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