I’ve been having a lot of fun working on the three bird houses I showed in my Dollar Tree haul video.  Although two of them started out pretty rough, they’re looking kind of cute now.  I didn’t realize that using outdoor ModPodge would require a month of curing time (set up so the Mod Podge can be outdoors safely) as well, as requiring a sealant to get rid of the stickiness that Mod Podge seems to leave behind.  I’m not sure if I would have used Mod Podge if I’d read the label when I bought it.  I thought it was the sealant…silly crafty girl…..

I had made a bunch of cards to give to my girlfriend and had a Dollar Tree box shaped like a book that I bought at Christmas time.  I covered the box with papers and decorations and made it kind of cute….I could have ordered something for her online, but in the spirit of quarantining, I decided it would be more fun to give her a bunch of handmade gifts…So she’s got a snowman diamond painting journal (she collects snowmen,) and a journal I made with a diamond painting passport cover, two destressing bottles, diamond refrigerator magnets and, of course a card.  Rich made her a really yummy chocolate cake and we blew up a rubber glove and tied it to the top of the gift bag when we set it on her porch swing…No breaking the social distancing rules here….She laughed when she saw the glove balloon…Since there wasn’t any helium involved, it did look a little pathetic, but the wind caught it and it blew around the bag, so it was still kind of frisky.

My college girlfriends decided we should have a video chat “happy hour,” so we got to catch up with each other.  We did the conference through zoom.com and it was free and simple to do.  If you go to their website, you can easily figure out how to set up a conference video call.  We had nine women on, and frankly, that’s too many, as it’s hard to not talk over each other, and we had some issues with one person using a poor wi-fi, so hers kept freezing and we kept stopping the call to figure out what was wrong with her technology.  I have no idea how any of this works, and was just happy that I figured out how to get on the call….at one point though, I must have touched something on my computer, as I could still hear everyone, but could no longer see them.  After about five minutes, I pushed a random button and everyone reappeared.  I have no idea how I lost them or how I got them back, but of course, I missed the most important part of the call when I had no video…one of the girls got a new puppy….and I didn’t get a chance to see him/her…bummer.

It was great seeing everyone though, and if we had maybe four or five people on one of these video calls, I think I would have enjoyed it.  As it was, nine people made it frustrating and I wouldn’t recommend doing it with a group that large.  The one thing that made me happy, was Honey wasn’t freaked out by the noise and different voices, and instead, decided she might need to get close to the computer screen and check things out…so at one point on the call, Honey took my place…and then Bella wasn’t to be outdone,  shoved Honey out of the way so she could find out what she had been missing.  I wonder why none of the other women had issues with their pets needing some video time.  I guess I’m the only lucky one…..haha

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