Layering Dies to Create a Multi-Colored Image

My goal is to show you how to create a die cut with several colors of paper in it.

The die I used is from Creative Expressions by Sue Wilson and is called the Easter Bunny Egg, link:

I cut the outer egg and the rabbit center out of a pink cardstock, a lime green cardstock, and a gray cardstock and separated the outside egg area of all three colors from the inner areas that held the rabbit in the same three colors.

I left the grey outer (egg) layer as is, then I took the pink egg layer and cut all of the loops off of the outside, then took the green layer and cut the outside loops off of it as well as the flowers.. This allows it when glued together to have gray loops, green Happy Easter and pink flowers. I glued them together with Tombow Mono Aqua Adhesive with the grey layer on bottom, then the green layer and the top pink layer.

I die cut the bow that goes with the egg out of the pink cardstock, and cut a second bow and then glued them together….I’ll attach this to the egg later.

I took the center section with the rabbit out of green cardstock and cut the flowers out of it….then with the pink layer, I cut the leaves out of it and then glued the pink layer over the green layer, so my flowers would be pink and the leaves would be green…Then I took the grey layer and cut out all of the flowers and leaves and glued this on top of the pink layer. I cut a glitter light black rabbit out, and cut the rabbit out of the background and then glued this to the top of the grey rabbit.

I used a Black Sharpie to outline the rabbit and the outer edges of the center section so you don’t see any edges that aren’t black.

I die cut carrots that have a green top. I did this three ways:

1. Put washi tape behind orange and green paper butted up against each other and then cut it out…I think this looks the best of the three methods.

2. Cut out the entire carrot (including the greenery) out of orange cardstock, then cut the greenery out of green cardstock and glue the green cut out over the orange paper (that should be green.)

3. Die cut only the orange part of the carrot out of orange cardstock, and diecut the greenery out of green cardstock, then put a small dab of glue on the back of the bottom of the stock of greenery to the top of the carrot. I think this method looked the worst.

I used a light grey card base from Recollections Heavyweight cardstock from Michaels that is 8 1/2″ wide scored at 4 1/4″ and 5 1/2″ tall (an A2 size card).. I glued the outer egg onto the card base and then glued the rabbit part inside the center …I glued the bow to the top of the egg and glued some carrots around the bottom of the egg.. I added a dot of glue into each of the outer loops of the egg and added a bright pink diamond I had left over from diamond paintings into the loops. Then I added red diamonds into the center near the rabbit and around the outer part of the card. I stamped a sentiment on the inside of the card from a stamp set from Amuse Studio called For Peeps Sake with black Brutus Monroe Ink.


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