I finished another couple of diamond art projects.  That’s what I’ve decided to call them now, since they aren’t all diamond paintings and I have no idea what the official name could be.

Our Coronavirus total for the county we live in, stands at 19 currently.  The governor of PA thinks we should be one of the first counties to open since our numbers are so low…May 8th is the official “yellow” opening.  Yellow means very few things change, but the one that concerns me is that 25 people will be able to gather once we open, and that’s scary.  It’s not like our county has mastered wearing masks, because they haven’t….I’m not sure how the yellow opening will work.  Obviously we are continuing to get new cases, so allowing people to gather in groups of 25, opens the door to a lot more cases.

I want to think positively that things won’t get ugly, but since we haven’t mastered wearing masks, there’s a good chance that things will get worse before they get better.  The one good thing about it, is our weather will be getting warmer, and I’ll be able to spend some time outside, which I’ve been dying to do.  I haven’t been outside the house in at least three weeks, and it’s getting old.

Not so old that I’ve cleaned my craft room…but more like the longer I stay inside, the less ambition I have.  And the more junk food I eat.  It’s not pretty.  I’m lucky though, because I enjoy spending time with Rich and the dogs, so the days and weeks have passed quickly.


2 thoughts on “4/22-4/25/2020

  1. Just wanted to confirm that you are not alone in feeling that you’re eating a lot more since the quarantine. Be glad you’re not a drinker! I’ve expanded my wine curiosity and have ordered some online. Uh-oh … On the other hand, I also feel lucky in that we have managed to have some fun, tackle some projects, and sit down to dinner around the table. Thanks for sharing your videos and showing us your creativity.


  2. Are you working? I wasn’t sure if attorney’s were essential or not.. I think it’s great that you’re expanding your wine horizons…Rich likes really sweet dessert wines like ice wine..and when it comes to anything alcoholic, he likes girly drinks…anything super sweet, kahlua and cream….He’s a manly man…..haha


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