I know you think we are crazy, because we filled our bird feeders after the bears took them down and filled their bellies with lots of sunflower seeds.

A couple of days ago, Rich convinced himself that the bears were not coming back, so he re-filled our bird feeders…When will we learn that those bears are smart and will always outwit us?  Last night,  our Blink Security System (animal watching cameras) sent notice to Rich’s cellphone that we had activity.  He thought it was a deer…wrong again,  The bear were interested in finding out if the dim-witted Parkers had refilled our feeders….And they pulled all of them down and ate everything…The funny thing is, I opened a window (and forgot it was open) in the sun room that leads to the patio where the feeders hang…We should have heard them bending the shepherd’s hooks in half, wouldn’t you think.  And taking down every feeder, rolling them around and taking some with them…Especially after we’d seen the Blink video of two of the bear…We aren’t that smart, at least we’re not smarter than the average bear…anyone remember that, BooBoo?  (Yogi bear is where we heard that saying in case you didn’t get the BooBoo reference.)

On the crafty front, Rich finally ran out of videos to upload, so yesterday I got serious and made two.  One is an art journal coloring on patterned tissue paper…I think it turned out pretty frisky…and the other was re-purposing a diamond art picture album.  It’s kind of odd as it opens from the front and the back, and is similar to an accordion.  I decided it would be cool to use as die storage, so pulled out all of my holiday dies, cut three heating register magnetic covers and tear taped them into the album.  Then I punched a hole in the side near the center, put an eyelet in, and added two strands of elastic string to wrap around the album and keep it closed.  Before I put the closure on, I needed to seal it with Deco Art Triple Thick Gloss Glaze to ensure the diamonds wouldn’t pop off.  It turned out great, but of course, it’s already completely full, so I might need to make another one, darn it.

I really do love re-purposing the diamond art products, as it gives all of us new ideas for projects and storage, and turns our storage into something pretty…. And there’s nothing better in a craft room than pretty storage systems..(in my opinion..)

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