Art Journal, Coloring on Tissue Paper

I saw this tissue paper on Amazon, but it was out of stock…I fell in love with it and saw so many possibilities for using it, and adding it to my art journal, then coloring it, sounded like a great starting point.  Of course I’ll use it on cards and probably wooden surfaces as well.

The tissue paper I bought on ebay, and here’s the link:

The Arteza Sketch Twi-Markers set of 48 link:

I used Elmer’s Clear School Glue with a paint brush on the art journal, then laid the tissue paper over it, making sure to try to remove any wrinkles. I let the glue dry and then torn and cut all of the excess tissue paper from the edges of the journal. My set of Twi-Markers is a set of 48, and I used a large variety of colors while coloring. I used the brush tip for coloring, as it covers a lot more space than the fine tip.

Helpful tip: I use a sticker and color each marker on a strip of sticker, then put it on the marker so I know exactly what color each marker will be. This is a really helpful way of labeling your colored pencils and markers.

I had a bird sticker left over from the birdhouse stickers I bought at the Dollar Tree, (link: ) and glued the bird sticker on the art journal then outlined the bird with a black Sharpie. I also doodled around the page and on the flowers….

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