We had snow yesterday, and temperatures in the 30’s all day…It was cold, and for some reason I hadn’t slept at all the night before, so I didn’t really accomplish anything.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but when every day is pretty much like the next, it’s often  tough to get motivated to do things. So in the days of corona isolation, I don’t seem to do much.. I uploaded one of the (late) Mother’s Day videos, and read.  I like the Detective D.D. Warren books and just finished her latest novel, “Never Tell.”  Her books are well constructed and a fast read, and her stories, I think, are creative.

This morning, I woke up with a reoccurring dream I’ve had since my twenties, that always unsettles me.  It’s one where it’s the day to go home from college and everyone else is packed and leaving, and I don’t have anything done and no boxes, and no plan.  I saw a television show explaining dreams once, and a similar dream to mine was dissected.  Basically, the person having the dream feels like they are falling behind and everyone else is getting ahead of them.  That made perfect sense when I was young and my career was going nowhere, but now that I’m retired and everyone’s home due to Corona, I can’t decide what it means.  The dream always wakes me up with a high degree of anxiety, though.  It can be several years between these dreams, and I still wake up anxious.  Do any of you have dreams like that, and if so, why do you think you have them?

Today is Mother’s Day and Rich baked bread and a peach pie for me.  I really love his pies…his crust recipe is a big secret that he learned from his grandmother, and believe me, it’s a great recipe.  I have no idea what he does to make it so yummy, but it’s almost like a sugar cookie, but fluffy and wonderful like a great pie crust should be.

We saw a cooking show several years ago where the pie maker put tapioca in her pie filling..it makes the filling thicker, and not runny at all.  You can’t discern the tapioca from the filling like you think you would, it just changes the texture.  It’s another reason Rich’s pies are so amazing.

And speaking of cooking shows, I watched one “on demand” yesterday, called “Girl Meets Farm,” and Molly Yeh made a salad that she says is very typical of the MidWest.  I’ve lived all of my life in Western Pennsylvania and Rich is from Ohio, and neither of us have ever heard of this salad….wait for it.  Popcorn salad.  It was like macaroni salad, but instead of macaroni, there’s popped popcorn.  It must be something you have to eat shortly after making it, but Molly Yeh says it’s at every potluck supper they attend.  I can’t imagine the popcorn standing up to mayonnaise, and I’ve never been to a potluck dinner that the dishes didn’t sit out for at least a couple of hours.  So maybe this is a great treat, or a soggy mess….I’d kind of like to try it though, just to see what it’s like.  I don’t know about her recipe, but I’ve seen a couple online that looked pretty good.  Rich, on the other hand, did not seem inclined to give it a whirl…until I mentioned a recipe that included bacon…he’s always a little bit more receptive to any recipe that involves bacon…no wonder we’re gaining weight in insolation…Bacon is becoming a staple of our diet…Yikes,  I need to get those vegetable plants in the ground and maybe someday eat something that is good for me..But for today, I’ll be eating pie.

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