I watched Lindsay (the frugal crafter) use her scraps to make a bunch of backgrounds for cards.  I decided it was something I should consider….Plus, I wanted to make Christmas cards (as I said before, Christmas Cards during Corona)…..and I thought this would be a great idea for kicking off my Christmas cards….I’m sure most of us have Christmas card stock scraps laying around, and so I’m going to make my first card with scraps..maybe more than one card/video, I’m not sure yet.

Two days ago, Rich and I planted our garden outside…we’d planted seeds indoors and they were beyond ready to go outside, and some had already died.  I planted the flowers and planted flower seeds as well.  I also moved some of my perrenials (perennials are plants that should come back every year) around..That’s the thing about perennials, they multiply and you have to stay on top of them, and separate them, or they either overwhelm the area they are in, or they spread, and take over everything.  I’d planted really pretty gray spotted violets many years ago, not knowing they were the mother of all spreaders.  They ended up everywhere, and the only way to pull out the entire root base, is after it’s rained…otherwise, it’s almost impossible to pull them out of the ground.  I did love these the first year or two after I planted them, but then they took over my front yard, my side yard, and somehow, were in my grass (even though my grass is treated by Tru-Green…The guys from Tru-Green said those violets are almost impossible to eliminate…no kidding….I have them everywhere.  And every spring I try to eliminate every new one that springs up, but it’s a losing battle….My recommendation for anyone buying perennials…read up on what you’re buying before you buy and plant them, otherwise, you might have those plants everywhere, and as great as that sounds, it’s not.

Yesterday it started raining and I had been concerned about the fact that neither one of us did any additional watering when we transplanted the plants we’d grown from seeds..No need to worry, as it drizzled all day yesterday, and if that wasn’t enough water, today it’s rained so hard, we have a flood warning for our area.  I never worry about flooding, as we live at the top of a hill that seems like it’s a mile high.  I’m not sure how high it is, but I can tell you this much…if we ever get a flood at our house, the town closest to us would be completely under water, and I don’t envision that happening.

While it was raining yesterday, I started by organizing my cardstock scraps by color, and then tried to use all of that color’s scraps to create card bases.  I made a lot of bases, and I’m not done yet.  I think I have at least one color to go, and then I’m onto my Christmas scraps.  I followed Lindsay’s system, and then decided I wanted to make some cards with a starburst type design, to use the rest of my scraps.  When you use scraps in a triangle shape,  small scraps go a long way.  I used Lindsay’s system and created full pages of backgrounds that I’ll cut into four equal pieces that will create A2 size cards.  The triangle shape pieces are already on A2 size bases, and are ready for a sentiment.  I’ll put the sentiment on a scrap and die cut that piece, so it lays over the center of the starburst design.  I’m hoping to finish these cards in the next day or so….and get the video done shortly thereafter.

I have one more card idea I need to work on. I’m going to take a headband I was given from a woman who works with a company called Lilla Rose, and after stamping one of the ladies’ heads I have from Prima…I thought I’d use the headband as either a headband on the lady, or a necklace, as this headband could be worn either way.  I think I’ll watercolor the lady…..we’ll wait to see how it turns out.  I’ve got a lot of ideas, just need to get serious about finishing them.

I’ve got one final diamond painting left to do, and then everything I have, is now complete.  I’ll be sure to do a video on the completed images.  Some of them are really cute….I hope you’ll think so too..


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