I had a big day on Monday.  Friends came over and helped Rich mulch around our house.  Rich had his hip replaced last Halloween, and it’s still giving him issues, and we were hoping by now he’d feel well enough to do the mulch, but he didn’t.  He was a big help with carrying bags of mulch and laying them where they could then be dumped, but he paid for it later in the day when continuous bending and straightening got to be too much.  After mulching, my girlfriend, her fifteen year old daughter and I went shopping.  This is the first time I’ve been in a mall since Covid, and it was so odd being back in stores….and wearing masks.  I only lasted about fifteen minutes until the combination of mask and warmer temperatures in stores, started to make me sweat…and I mean sweat.  I had sweat rolling down my back and my face and neck were soaking wet from it…I guess I never thought about the heat inside a mask, but now, it’s all I think about when I’m wearing one.

We did have a really good time shopping and found some good deals, and best of all, went out for lunch at a restaurant/bakery…and you know  how much I love sweet things.  I had to buy all of us cupcakes, and bought an extra one to take home for Rich.

I walked more on Monday than I’ve walked since Covid started, so Tuesday I really paid for it.  I decided I’d spend time working on our great niece’s album, and made so many mistakes in it, I eventually gave up.  I’d already finished a couple of pages, and forgot that I had….and then added in her graduation pages….so they’re out of order….I decided the only way to fix that, was to make the first pages about family, so she can insert five or more photos on those pages…Then I did a great job with the graduation page, but forgot to put a tab to open it (as it also is a fold out)…So I tore it apart and added the tab, but once I glued it back together, I realized the tab I inserted was too flimsy, so had to tear it apart again.  After I glued that page together for the third time, I decided to throw in the towel for the evening.  Geez!!

Today, I wanted to finish the Mickey Mouse diamond painting I’ve been working on.  And after working on it for a long time this afternoon, I only have a very small area left,  then it will be done.  I have been using the sun room (where Honey and I spend a lot of our time) for diamond paintings.  Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, that makes her anxious, and now she’s somehow gotten Bella to start whining and nudging me as well, so I have to wait until either they’re on a walk with Rich, or he has them in another room, otherwise, they drive me crazy.  It was terrible today, and even with him taking them into another room, they kept doubling back to sit by me and whine.  I have no idea why I can sit in a recliner five feet from where I diamond paint, and there’s no issue, but the minute I pull out the chair to sit at the table where I diamond paint, things turn ugly fast.

I bought a few crafty things the last few days..  Unity Stamps is having a big anniversary sale, and I bought some stamps there, and then HSN had a craft sale yesterday, so I bought a mixed media kit, and then I found small gelli plates on Joanns.com on sale and ordered them, plus got some embellishments from Aliexpress.  I try not to buy stamps or dies from them, knowing that they are stealing designs from the US, but I don’t have an issue buying things like washi tape, tear tape, or other generic things from them.

Tomorrow we have a nice day planned, going to our friends that we used to see movies with….And since Covid, we’ve only been seeing movies at their house, which is great, but we all still miss movie popcorn and stadium seating….I guess there’s nothing like a theater for a true movie experience.  It’s fun seeing them, though, and we haven’t spent much time with any of our friends since Covid, and it will be great catching up.  Their daughter had a baby boy a couple of months ago, and I have been working on the Mickey Mouse diamond painting for his room, and their family love Disney, and what’s more Disney than Mickey Mouse?  I hope they like it…it’s cute.  Here’s a photo of what it should look like when it’s complete.

I got the diamond painting from Fansells.com, and I’ve been happy with all of their diamond products…(I only have to finish a part of one foot, and he’ll be ready to frame.)…

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