Paper Bag Pouch or Clutch DIY

I saw this craft on Scrapbooking with Me and thought it would be fun to try.  Using a lunch bag, push out the side seams so they stick out and make sure the fold is straight. There’s a triangle on the sides of the bag near the bottom, and you need to push those out, then fold them so they are flat. Then glue down anything that’s sticking up, and glue the bottom flap down. I like to cut the top of the bag off so that half-circle that’s at the center of the top of the bag is cut off.

Fold the opening of the bag up to a little below the square that’s on the bottom of the bag, then fold the bottom of the bag so that it’s about 1/8″ of an inch above the bag you just folded up…sorry, this is hard to explain… Using wet glue (I used Art Glitter Glue), put a thin line of glue on the sides to glue the bag shut. The top flap should not be glued, only the sides. Using patterned paper, measure your bag……Every bag is different….My bag needed one piece of patterned paper that was 7 13/16″ wide (and decided my paper trimmer wouldn’t work for 16th, so changed my measurements to 7 7/8″ wide and 3 3/4″ tall. That piece will cover under the flap. The next piece you need to lay on the long side of the bag….Lay it about 1/8″ above the bottom of the bag and using some kind of clips, clip the paper to the bag pattern side of the paper face up. Flip over the pouch and you’ll have the white side of the patterned paper. Using a pencil, trace the outline of the pouch, then remove the clips…Cut out the outline, and trim a little off both sides and the top so you have the paper bag showing on the edges. Score the white side where the paper goes from straight to angled as that’s where the fold is.

The paper I used is Love Nicole Medallion Wallpaper, from A C Moore..AC Moore was sold to Michaels, so I doubt you’ll find this paper in stores.

To make the paper cut out for under the flap, open the pouch and lay the pouch on the designer paper, design side up…It’s crucial that you trace it on the patterned side, or this won’t work. Lay the paper so it’s just above the fold of the pouch and then trace it and cut it out. It should then be trimmed a little on the sides and top so you can see the edges of the paper bag. I used tear tape on the backs of all of my papers but DIDN’T glue down anything, as I have brads I’m going to use for closure and need to add distress ink on the edges of the papers.

I chose Old Paper Distress ink and inked the edges of all of the designer paper I used. Using the longest piece of designer paper, I added wet glue to ensure I could move it if I had to, and laid it in place. Then I took a pokey tool and poked a hole in the center of the top flap (with a thick piece of foam under it so you don’t poke through the whole project) and about an inch from the bottom of the fold. Then you can put your first brad in place and  glue down the paper that goes under that flap. Next, lay the designer paper that is the front of the pouch (that’s under and below the flap) and put clips on it to hold it in place, but don’t glue it down. Poke a hole in the designer paper and one layer of the paper bag about an inch below the first brad. (Since I cut the top off of my paper bag, it leaves two layers and we only want to poke through one of those.) Remove the clips and put wet glue behind the designer paper and glue it in place.

I used a cord to hold the two brads..I pulled the cord around the top brad and tied it into a knot and added a drop of glue to make sure the knot holds. You’ll want to wrap the cord around the brad again, then wrap it around the bottom brad at least twice, then back around the top brad, then trim off excess cord.. I used hot glue to glue down three matching corduroy buttons to the front for decoration.

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