Friday is the day my girlfriend and I go to garage sales.  Some days are much better than others, and this one, was a big dud…I spent a whopping 50 cents for some charms you hang on cards.  I know you’re thinking “That’s Amazing!!,” or something similar..  It wasn’t good.  It’s fun to spend time with other people (wearing my mask, of course,) but it’s still disappointing when you can’t even find stuffed animals for the dogs.

Saturday was all about craftiness.  A company asks me to review their hot glue gun that was $26, a lot of money for a glue gun.  It came with three finger protection rubber pieces and ten glue sticks, and still, I thought the gun was overpriced.  My initial thought about the gun was this…Why is it smoking?  Then I decided the glue was too hot…I’m talking, melt wax paper hot.  I tried testing the finger protectors by putting a drop of glue on my craft mat and touching it with the finger protector..  The hot glue was going to burn me, so I removed the finger protector before it did.  There were other issues with the gun, and let’s just say, I won’t be making the video, as the company thought they should take my concerns back to their engineering department…Good idea!

I also tried figuring out how to make a card that looked like a beach, with real sand, and fake 3-d waves.  I thought I could make the waves look 3-d by using Oxide inks and different colors, but that didn’t look good.  So I cut wave strips and put some fun foam behind a few layers, and I’m still not sure how good it looks, but at least it’s better than it was with just using inks.  I tried making a cloudy sky with inks, but decided since the waves and sand were three dimensional, the clouds needed to have that component as well.  So I die cut three little clouds and stamped “thinking of you” on the biggest cloud for a sentiment.  Now all I have to do is hope the waves can be glued in place with wet glue, otherwise I’m going to have to resort to using hot glue, and I’ve already had enough hot glue gun usage for one day.

I wanted to make this particular card idea, because I was given bobby pins with metal decorations on them.  One is a sand dollar, another is a sea turtle, and a third is a starfish.  I figured out how to weave them into the card so they look like they belong, but the card needs to have quite a bit of dimension, to accommodate the bulk you get when you use a bobby pin underneath the top card layer.  I thought it would be simple to add the sea turtle into the “waves,” but I failed to take into consideration how much length the “legs” of the bobby pin would need, and had to rip all of the waves off, and make a second set of waves…Then I got wet glue on one of them, and had to remake that wave.  Let’s just say this…If this card ends up being cute, I’ll be amazed.  I was up until after 1AM this morning, trying to finish it, and still, it’s not done..I’m hoping today is the day where it all comes together, or goes in the trash (minus the bobby pins, of course.)

Rich and I have been watching a series on NetFlix called the “Politician.”  It was created the the same people who made “Glee.”  Watching this show makes me realize how old I am.  In the series, they’re talking about climate change and what needs to be done to fix the environment.  One of the things they suggest, is taking cold showers and then using the water from the shower for other things, including drinking water.  All you have to do is boil it, seriously?  It’s lucky we have our own water well, because there’s absolutely no way I’d consider doing that.  Gross!

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