I have been working late into the night for the last two nights on projects I’ve made.  The first was a card I made to fit in personal size envelopes.  They’re call #6 3/4. If you never knew where the term A2 sized cards comes from, it’s from the size of the envelope.  I guess I could have called my card a #6 3/4, but that sounded kind of weird, so I called it a personal card instead, as that’s the other name given to this size envelope.  I wanted to call it something like “short and fat” but it was neither, and since there’s already a slim- line card, I couldn’t use tall and skinny, as basically, that name was already taken.  I could have called it a little taller and a little skinnier than an A2 card, but that was just confusing to me…so, I went with personal…I hope viewers come up with a better name for it..I sure couldn’t think of one.

Then I made a kite shaped card that my friend, Rebecca, from Pegstamps.com is also making with me.  I’d seen it on Mixed Up Crafts, and had already tried (and failed) to make it twice.  I was obsessed with making it correctly, so made it for the third time last night.  The problem was two-fold.  I used heavyweight cardstock (kiss of death) and couldn’t get the folds to work properly, and the Mixed Up Craft channel gave the wrong card dimensions.  She said to make the card 11″ long, but her center score was 5″ which doesn’t work out mathematically.  So I tried scoring at 5 1/2″ (which was right), but I did it with heavy card stock so it didn’t fold right.  Then I changed the measurement to 10″ long and my score mark stayed at 5″ so the folds were right.  The thing she doesn’t show, it cutting out the kite to ensure they fold together correctly.  The way I finally made it work, was to draw the lines for the kite on one side, (it’s two kites folded in the center) then I pinched the two halves together and holding them tightly, cut out both kites at once..  It worked and I can’t tell you how relieved I was that it did.  I was up until 1AM trying to make it work.

And lastly, another 1AM night, I made a card with real sand and bobby pins of sea life attached to the card front.  It took a lot of trial and error, but I finally made it work.

I spent more time on my great-niece’s album, and now I’m down to the front and back covers and it will be finished.  Just wait until you see how thick it is.  It’s probably 4″ thick at this point, and I’m sure, after she adds her photos, that it will get thicker.  I hope she likes it.


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