Back Cover of the Art Journal..It’s Finished!!

Finally, the back cover of the art journal I made from a children’s book.

To complete the art journal, I used pages from an old dictionary, and cut the pages so the borders and any pictures were eliminated. I had to use scissors on the dictionary pages, as my paper trimmer tore the paper because it’s so frail, and I was doing this on a very damp day, and that affects how trimmers work on thin, frail paper. I adhered the pages to the back cover of the art journal with PVA glue link:

I used a napkin from the Dollar Tree. To separate the layers, I put a piece of washi tape on the back edge of the napkin, then holding the front, pull the washi tape and the layers come apart. Sometimes you’ll have several layers and you might need to do this process a second time. I cut out the images I wanted to use, then started gluing the onto the journal. Using a brush and the PVA glue, I laid all of the images from the napkin in place. Once the glue was dry, it was extremely tacky. (To eliminate this problem in the end, I simply added a coat of Collage Pauge over the cover, and the tackiness was gone.)

I used a Sharpie Oil Based Marker link: in black and one in white to add some details and line the images. I wasn’t crazy about how the page looked, so I added another bee and a few more flowers over the existing ones to add more interest, then added Collage Pauge Matte link:

I took another Dollar Tree napkin with a different pattern and cut out some of the flowers to layer over the existing ones that didn’t have much interest, to me. I used Diamond Glaze link: (it’s just like Glossy Accents) to create a three-dimensional look on the orange flowers.

NOTE: Please don’t use the links I provide to buy products, as I didn’t do any price shopping. I only provide links so you know what the product looks like and a place you can buy them. I always recommend you try to find the products somewhere you can use a coupon, to get the lowest price possible.

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