GBFKE com Diamond Painting Art Unboxing & Giveaway

The nice people at ( sent me some great diamond art and I really appreciate that they did.

They have some great special deals right now including:

Sorry this deal changed to, Buy 3 get 1 free link:

Products for 3.99 (They sell in European pounds) link:

Products for 4.99-6.99 (In pounds) link:

Here are the links in order of when they appear in the video.

Framed White Bear link:

Owl Journal//Notebook link:

Two Mary Bookmarks link:

Blue Mandala Notebook link:

Multi Color Mandala Notebook/Journal link:

Food Magnets link:

Giraffe Bookmark link:

Mandala Notebook/Journal I showed this one finished earlier in the video, link:

Peacock bookmark (for giveaway) link:

Peacock bookmark (I show this one finished) link:

Two flower bookmark link: (Rich accidentally cut this out of the unboxing, sorry)

Floral lamp link:

To participate in the drawing: Sorry, only addresses inside the USA are eligible..Drawing will be held on 9/15/2020.

Please write in the comment below the video, either:

I’d like to have the owl OR

I’d like to have the peacock and include your email address (if I don’t have it).

PLEASE do not say you’d like to have either, or you’ll be ineligible to win.

I’ll email the winners on 9/16/2020 and if I don’t hear from the winners by 9/25/2020 with their mailing addresses, I’ll choose another winner.

Thanks again, to the nice people at, for all of the nice diamond art they sent me.

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