I’m Obsessed with Watercolor Paint Sets

I thought I’d change things up on my blog and write what I’m going to be talking about instead of using dates. I am obsessed with watercolor paints. Since I’m not an artist, (and don’t play one on TV) I have no idea why I need to have so many paints, but here we are. Hi, my name is Sandy, and I am an addict. You probably think I’m just being funny, but if I watch a YouTube video and the artist is using watercolors that I don’t own, I immediately start checking where I can buy them. What’s wrong with that, you might say. Since I already own:

Arteza set of 60

White Nights

Pretty Excellent

Amazon no name set that Lindsay recommended

Gansai Tambi

Viviva Watercolor Sheets

Niji Pearlized Watercolors

Daniel Smith Set of 6 Primary Colors

You probably thought I was exaggerating…Oh, and there’s another set that I bought and then gave to a friend, because I couldn’t deal with half pans. I’m not able to keep my paints from contaminating each other when I use half pans and that drives me crazy. So I only buy full pan palettes now. And that’s another obsession..making sure I have a metal palette with mixing wells for full pans. Sure, I have to have those too. In case you wondered, I really like the Meeden metal watercolor palettes they sell on Amazon. They have a wide variety of sizes and colors, and the ones I’ve bought, hold full pans and have two mixing wells. I need a lot of mixing space, because unlike people who watercolor and use a small area to mix one color, I use almost one entire side, mixing just one color. (I never said I was good at using mixing space wisely, did I?)

I wish I could say that I aspire to be able to paint like a professional watercolorist at some point, but if you’ve ever seen me watercolor a stamped image, you know I can’t bend my wrist to hold the brush at 90 degrees, so I guess I’ll never have one of my paintings in a museum, darn it.

So what plans do I have for using all of these paints? I really enjoy watercoloring stamped images, and, I’ve found it’s really satisfying to blend my own colors….so that’s my plan. Continue to use all of the different watercolors I own, and have a good time doing it. The good news is that I’ll never have to worry about running out of paint, until the next video with a set I don’t own comes on YouTube, and I’ll probably add them to my ever-growing collection.

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