ELICE Battery Powered Light Pad Review

Here’s the link to the ELICE light pad in case you’d like to purchase one. I bought mine on Amazon and am not sure where else you can find it. https://tinyurl.com/y4t6vl67 (Just as a reminder, I’m not an affiliate of Amazon, and make no money from the sales or review of this product, and the review is strictly my opinion.)

I compared the ELICE battery powered light pad with my existing light pad. My original light pad has three light settings, and the ELICE has five.

My original light pad is the same size as ELICE.

My original light pad has a cord and need to be plugged into either a device or an AC outlet and the ELICE can be plugged into a device or AC outlet to be charged, and then requires no cord.

My original light pad is flat, but the ELICE is raised near the top so you don’t have to lean over your projects. I really like this feature.

I charged the ELICE light pad and it ran on its brightest setting for over 6 hours. It says on the box that it will run for 300 minutes after a charge, but mine performed much better than predicted. (I realize I said it lasts 390 minutes on the video, but that was because I can’t read small numbers accurately, darn this old age issue….)

There are rulers on the top and left side of the ELICE light pad.

I found this light pad to be a great improvement over my last light pad. The fact that there’s no cord when I’m using it, is a terrific feature, as is the raised upper section of the light pad. I don’t normally gush about products, but found this light pad to be worthy of some gushing…

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