Such a Beautiful Day..

We drove to Lake Erie and went for a long ride along the lake with close friends. It was such a beautiful day, 70 degress in November is unheard of here. It was so nice, we rode with the windows down, and then stopped at an antique market to browse around. I don’t know about you, but I hate trying to “browse” while wearing a mask. Every time I look down, somehow the mask ends up in my eyes, making it almost impossible to see. Most masks are too hot for me to wear, and the only ones I can stand are the disposable masks you can find at the Dollar Tree. The rest of the ones I’ve tried either smell weird, even after I wash them, or they’re miserably hot. I’ll probably love the hot ones in January, but right now, they’re just too hot to stand.

On our drive, we went to Geneva on the Lake and looked at the work the state is doing on a section of lakefront where 35 feet of waterfront literally fell into the lake back in February. They’ve brought in a lot of tractor trailer loads of huge rocks to try to stop the erosion. It happened in an area that’s mostly a park, and luckily, this time no homes fell into the lake, unlike in the past, where that’s happened near the area this erosion occurred.

I took my girlfriend her birthday gift in a gift bag I show how to make in a video. I couldn’t believe how simple gift bags are to make, and probably won’t be buying more in the future, now that I can make my own. I made a video to show viewers how simple it is, and hope others give it a whirl.

If you’ve been wondering about my sister’s health, she’s having a lot more pain, and Hospice is increasing her pain medications, but I’ve been able to have very short conversations with her almost every day. It’s a great comfort for me to tell her I love her every day, so if she passes in the night, she’ll know I love her….and she tells me the same. We never told the other we loved each other until we found out how sick my sister is, and I’m so glad we’ve had the chance to share our feelings.

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