Review of Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue, Best Fine Tip Applicator Ever!

I was asked by viewers to review Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue. The makers of the glue were kind enough to send me “The Bundle” to use and make a video with.

Here are the links to Bearly Art and individual products:

The Mini :

The Original :

The Refill :

The Bundle :

All of the Bearly Art products come with the optional fine tip applicators, except the refill, that’s just the bear shaped bottle filled with glue.

The black tip would be used when you need a lot of glue to come out, and would be more glue than you’d need for paper crafts.

The black tip (with a needle at the tip) is their fine tip applicator, and would be the tip you would use when paper crafting. I find this glue flows easily out of this tip, and that I needed to shake the bottle before using it, as that makes the glue a little thicker, and makes the glue flow in a more consistent fashion.

This is the only fine tip applicator that I found very easy for me to use. I recommend this glue highly for people with hand/wrist issues.

The green tip is used when you want to travel with your bottle, as it closes the opening.

I used the glue on every paper surface I could think of, and the only issue I found, is that when you use it on very thin paper, I still got some waffling in the center of the paper. I didn’t find any waffling near the edges of the paper.

When the glue seeps from under a sentiment, I couldn’t see any shiny finish lingering behind.

The glue holds every surface I used, and holds very quickly. It even held two pieces of plastic backing for diamond paintings and very thick cardboard.

Before closing this glue, you need to burp it like a rubbermaid or tupperware container. You don’t want any glue in the part of the bottle that you screw the tips into, and you can use a tissue or Qtip to get the glue out of the ridge, but I blow on it over a garbage can, so I can be sure there’s no glue left.

You’ll also want to clean your tips when you put them in the storage tube by using the needle provided to take the glue out of the tip by moving the pin in and out of the tip and wiping any glue off of the needle between insertion.

The diamond painting Christmas stocking link:

The only small issue I found with this glue is that when you use very thin paper, you might get some small waffles in the center of the paper..Otherwise, this is a great glue. It’s especially great for people with hand/wrist strength issues, as it’s so easy to squeeze out of the fine tip applicator. Additionally, if you live in a cold climate and order this glue, and it freezes in shipment, once it has thawed, it will work perfectly.

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