I can’t sleep….

I started a new medication for spinal stenosis in my lower back called Gabapetin that’s supposed to make me sleepy. If I take it at bedtime, I don’t sleep, and can’t wake up 10-12 hours later. So I decided to take it at dinner time so I’d be tired at bedtime, and would be able to wake up at a normal time. It’s working for waking up, but not so much for sleeping. But then again I have so many things whirling around in my head…

My sister is able to have less pain as she’s now on morphine and a fentanyl patch. Today Hospice delivered a hospital bed, as she can’t sleep in a normal position as the infection in her ear caused a lot of swelling in her face and neck.

Covid is on the rise all over the US, and all I keep thinking about is that I should be at my sister’s side.

Rich and I went shopping today, and there were so many people in that store not wearing masks, and I was getting so angry thinking, “do these people without masks think I’m happy about wearing one? or do they just not care about anyone but themselves since obviously the only thing that matters is that these maskless people en so much from all of us, and now it’s taken this from me. Rich and I went shopping today and so many of the people in the store weren’t wearing masks. I wanted to ask them if they thought I was thrilled to be wearing a mask and what gives them the right to choose to put others at risk just because they don’t want to conform, or don’t want the inconvenience or expense. Whatever the reason, if you choose not to wear a mask, please stay away from those of us who do wear them, because we don’t deserve to get Covid simply because you’re bucking the system. People who don’t wear masks are the ones who are helping spread Covid, and because of this virus, I can’t be with my sister when she passes away.

2 thoughts on “I can’t sleep….

  1. Dear Sandy,
    I feel as you do. If everyone wore a mask, just to protect others, we would ALL be better off in the future.
    I am so sorry about your sister. I can only imagine how you are feeling. There is no substitute for family.


    1. My family is very small. My mother was an only child and my dad had one sister, who had three children. I’ve lost touch with all of my cousins but one, and everyone else has passed away with the exception of my sister and me. And now I’m losing her, so I’m the last of my family, and that makes me so sad.
      You’re right about covid…if people would look at this as a health issue instead of a political statement, we’d all be so much better off. I also wish our schools had a better handle on things. Here, when someone in a family tests positive for covid, the family quarantines, and then the kids are allowed back in school without having to have a negative test result. How does the school know the kids’ aren’t A-symptomatic when they return. Even though the family quarantines for 2 weeks, couldn’t one of their kids get the virus during the quarantine period? I don’t know the answer to that, and I doubt our schools do either, but then they also allowed football, which strikes me as something that can easily spread the virus. It’s all so frustrating.


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