Don’t Waste Money on Outdoor Modge Podge

Outdoor Mod Podge requires that you let the Mod Podge dry 20-30 minutes between coats and then put a sealer on it and let it sit for 28 days and then it’s ready to go outside.

Unfortunately, after following the instructions above, the Mod Podge did not hold up outside.

I don’t like Outdoor Mod Podge because you not only have to let the finished product sit for a month, but you also have to buy an additional product to seal the project and it still doesn’t hold up when placed outside. I emailed the Plaid Company (makers of Mod Podge) to discuss this issue with them, and was sent an email saying they had no one available to help me, as they were closed due to Covid. I emailed them again later in the summer, and I got no email response.

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