Covering a Dollar Tree Travel Mug

I wanted to make a covered mug for a girlfriend who had a stroke and uses a walker. I bought her a cup holder for her walker that not only holds the travel cup, but also holds a small bottle of hand sanitizer and her cell phone.

Walker cup holder link:

Dollar Tree has changed the pattern on the outside of their travel mugs and here’s the link to how they look now.

The paper I used was the 12 x 12″ cover sheet for Graphic 45’s Home Sweet Home. Here’s a link to it on ebay, as it is a retired collection, so I’m not sure where else you can find it.

I took the paper that’s inside the mug and laid it on the bottom back of the Home Sweet Home paper I was using, and traced it, then cut it out. I then cut out the front of the image, including the woman hanging clothes and two pieces of the border that I could glue on either side of her. I glued them down then put it back in the mug and called it done.

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