Reviewing a Ragu Laminator and Making a Laminated Folder

I got this laminator and thought you might like to see a review on it.

Here’s a link to the Ragu Laminator on Amazon. It’s currently selling for $55.99, but prices change regularly on Amazon. It is available in black or white, and I chose white.

With the Ragu laminator, you’ll also get:

-corner rounder

-1/4″ hole punch

-paper trimmer (on top of laminator)

-three O ring (paper clamps)

-40 various size laminating sheets, including large ones to hold 12″ x 16″ paper.

I turned on the machine by holding the on button for a second, and it only took two minutes to warm up. Once it was warm, I put the large laminating sheet into the front, making sure to line the folder up between the two marks that are the same size as the pouch.

I made a folder by using a 12 x 12″ piece of retired Stampin’ Up cardstock and putting it into my score board (with the back of my scrapbook paper face up) and scoring it at 6″ (the other scores I made are unnecessary.) Turn the paper one turn, and score at 2 1/2″ inches then you’ll turn the paper another turn, and score at 5 1/2″ and 6 1/2″ up to the 2 1/2″ score line. Then take scissors and find the 5 1/2″ score and cut to the 6 1/2″ score and cut up to the 2 1/2″ score line.

Then fold the 2 1/2″ score line for both pockets, then round the top inside corners of the pockets. I use a Kadomaru Pro corner rounder from Amazon link: You’ll also want to round the top outside edges of the folder. Then take your folder and leaving it open, put it inside the largest 12 x 16″ laminating pouch and with the pockets at the top with the opening of the pockets facing you, run it through the laminator, holding the pouch as it exits the laminator. Using an Xacto knife, link:, cut out the pockets by laying the knife on it’s side and cutting between the two pages of cardstock at the top of the pocket.

Once I cut out the pockets, I ran the laminating pouch through the laminator again, to ensure the pockets are firmly laminated to the paper beneath. You’ll want to put the folder into the laminating pouch so the bottom of the folder is loaded into the laminator first to ensure the pockets don’t get jammed in the laminator.

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