Making a Lady Gnome to Hold Hands with Her Man

I’ve made men gnomes before and linked that video to the current one. But, I’ve never made a girl gnome, or a pair of gnomes, or ones that are “attached” to each other with magnets. I’ve changed all of that with this video.

I saw a woman make a diy dollar tree girl gnome and she inspired me to give a girl gnome a try…but I didn’t really use a lot of her technique, because I wanted to make my girl connect to her boyfriend for Valentine’s Day.

The video I watched is:

I started by making my girl gnome’s braids. I have a spool of thick twine and I used nineteen 6″ long strands, and took one of the 6 inch strands to tie a double knot around the top, and tying it tightly around the strands. I separated the strands into three sections of six strands each, and braided them. I tied a pink ribbon around the bottom and made a bow.

To make her shoes, I took a heart die and cut two hearts of black cardstock and one of a matt board (cardboard) and then hot glued the matt board between the two black cardstock pieces, so both sides of the shoes look finished. Hot glue these to each other quickly or the glue will get cold and not hold the shoes. To make the edges black, I used Gina K’s Amalgam Black ink to rub the edges.

To finish my boy gnome, I took red mirror cardstock and die cut it six times with a small stitched heart die. I hot glued the hearts together to make a box of chocolates with the last red heart glued upside down so it’s finished on the top and bottom. and then took Gina K’s cherry red ink and rubbed it around the edges of the box of chocolates. I also used an alcohol marker to finish making sure there was no white paper visible. Once I was done, I cleaned fingerprints off with 1 tsp. baby shampoo in a spray bottle of water on a rag. I hot glued a red heart shaped button and two acrylic flowers link: To adhere the box to his mitten, I took a 3 x 3mm magnet link: (you won’t want to use this link as the shipping costs are too high), and glued one half under his thumb and the other half under the box. Then I decided I needed another magnet, so glued half under his mitten and the other half to the top of the heart box. I show how it looks at the end. I had already glued half of a magnet inside his other mitten to allow him to hold hands with the girl gnome, and left the other half on top of his mitten to remind me to glue it inside her mitten (and of course I forgot.)

To make the body of the gnome. I took a sock from the Dollar Tree link: and filled the bottom with flat marbles link: and the stuffing from a stuffed animal to fill most of the sock tightly. Then knot the top with embroidery thread link: or twine and take a handful near the top to make a nose, and using embroidery thread to tie it off. Then take the Snugadoo socks from Dollar Tree (I couldn’t find a link) and cut one at an angle on the heel and put the gnome into it. Hot glue under the nose and hold the sock under the nose until it’s set, then glue on either side and on her upper back. Using mica powder or pink eye shadow with a brush and color the nose. I tied a knot around the top of the pink sock and the white sock by taking the embroidery thread and wrapping it around the top a few times and then tying a double or triple knot.

I took the braids and added heart brads to them and then hot glued a larger heart brad into the center of her dress and added a button above and below the heart with hot glue. I cut the red sock on an angle at the heel and put a styrofoam ball in the top and tied a knot to keep it in place, then hot glued the hat to her mid back and to the top of her nose. Don’t glue the sides down yet as you need to glue the braids and arms under it.

I hot glued the braids on either side of the gnome’s nose and then made arms for her out of a child’s sock link: that I cut the bottom off. You only need about 1″ wide piece (using the entire cuff of the sock) roll it and hot glue it as you go, and then wrap the pink sock around it and hot glue the pink sock to it.

To make mittens, I took white felt and drew a mitten then cut it out, and cut out three more. I cut them larger than they need to be and hot glued the arm inside and then hot glued around the inside edges of one mitten to lay the other piece on top. I trimmed it to fit the arm before gluing it together. I should have hot glued half of a magnet inside her left hand so she could hold hands with the boy gnome, but I forgot. So I hot glued the magnet under her mitten. I had hot glued her hat down and shouldn’t have done that before I glued her arms under…I used an Xacto knife and cut the hat and then hot glued the arms under the hat.

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