Laminated Dollar Tree Planner with Graphic 45 Oz Paper

I saw that Graphic 45 has Wizard of Oz paper that was retired and I bought the Collector’s Edition from Amazon link: and chose one of the papers to use for covering the planner I bought at the Dollar Tree that is (closed) 5″ x 7 1/2″ tall. My Dollar Tree still has these planners if you’d like to try to cover one. I cut an inch off the top of the Graphic 45 paper, making sure the paper’s pattern is facing up and down.

I took the planner and removed the outside cover and wrapped the Graphic 45 paper around the top and folded the sides so they are about 1/4″ away from the outside edges of the opened planner. I put the paper in my score board and scored the side folds and the top and bottom fold and should have also put score for the center fold of the planner, but forgot. This was a crucial error…and I hope you don’t have this issue. I used a bone folder link: and made all of the folds so they were flat, then put the paper into a laminating pouch making sure one of the side folds is closest to the top of the pouch. When I ran it through my laminator., I made sure that the other side fold stays flat while it goes through the laminator.

I made another pad with one of the papers from Graphic 45 and put it into a smaller laminating pouch and ran it through the laminator. I made sure the laminating pouch wasn’t as long as the open pad cover so the paper could be adhered to the inside of the laminated cover we just made. If I was to laminate the entire pad cover, it wouldn’t stay glued to the cover, as laminated surfaces don’t like to adhere to each other. I took a Dollar Tree note pad and adhered it to the inside of the pad cover we made and used tear tape on the back to adhere it to the inside of the planner folder.

I put the planner under a dictionary and let it sit for a couple of days and it still didn’t stay closed, so I made a closure for it. I took elastic ribbon I got at the jewelry department at Walmart and a hair elastic I got at the Dollar Tree, and wrapped the ribbon around the hair elastic and hot glued the ribbon to itself and then made sure I hot glued the ribbon to the metal part of the hair elastic, then wrapped it around the planner and cut off the excess, and hot glued the other end of the ribbon after wrapping it around the other end of the hair elastic. I put the note pad inside and then decorated the ribbon with buttons and crochet thread that I threaded through the buttons.

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