Showing Cards/Gifts & Making Bulk Cards Using Hunkydory Images & Watercolors

I wanted to replenish my card stash, so made this video showing how to do it as quickly and simply as possible.

First, I wanted to share the Christmas cards I got from friends..

Next I want to make cards using HunkyDory and 3d Push Outs.

Here are the links to the 3d Push Outs: NOTE: Since these products came from the UK, I could only find links from Australian based craft companies. The price was only $2.50 per package, but shipping might be exorbitant so you’ll want to check that out..

SB10486 Keep it Cool 3 D Push Out Amazing Owls link:

SB10308 Keep it Cool 3d Push Outs Cool Birds (Cardinals) Link\:

Three 3d push outs, they have numbers from top to bottom, from 1 to 4. You’ll want to use the largest image (at the top) #1 and glue this in place on your card. I always like to snip off the small tabs that connect it to its backing, as otherwise, it has an unfinished look. Then take # 2 image, and add foam squares to the back and lay it over the #1 image so it lines up perfectly, then do the same with #3 and #4. As the images get smaller, you’ll need to cut your foam squares in half. I use Bearly Art glue to glue down the smallest pieces that you can’t put foam squares under.

At 11:30, I started making watercolor cards. I show a lot of background stamps, but in the end, didn’t use all of them.

Here are the link to the background stamps I showed:

Rubbernecker Stamps: Poppies Background: Sorry this was retired.

The Ton Stamps: Peony Garden link: I didn’t use any of these stamped images, as my embossing didn’t work well. My fault, I had a small dog hair in the embossing powder that ruined the images.

Rubbernecker Stamps: Abstract Roses This stamp has been retired, but Rubbernecker has a new stamp that looks very’s the link:

Unity Stamps: Obsessed with Floral link:

I used inexpensive cardstock from Joanns that is 12 x 12 white from Park Lane. I cut these into 6 x 6″ pieces so the background stamps aren’t going to stamp to the edge of the cardstock and I have somewhere to hold onto.

The embossing ink I used: Brutus Monroe Embossing ink and I used his embossing pouch as well.

Embossing Powder: Ranger Gold and Ranger Silver

I stamped the Unity Stamp Obsessed with Floral stamp by putting the stamp face up on my desk and using the paper I’d cut (and covered with an embossing pouch to eliminate fingerprints or excess embossing powder) I laid the paper over the stamp after I’ve inked it with embossing ink and holding it in place with one hand, rubbed the paper with my other hand. Then I put embossing powder over the image and tapped off the excess onto a piece of scrap paper and put that powder back into the bottle and closed the top. If there are any stray bits of embossing powder, take a paint brush and wipe them off. I heat set the image and then after it was cool, I painted it with watercolors set of 36: Pretty Excellent Paint link: Amazon: price $18.98 w/ coupon The brushes I used were from Creative Mark Polar Flo #2, #8 from a set of 7 I got from Amazon. Link:

I colored the background with a couple of colors mixed together..I used a green and a lighter green and some water so they are muted colors. For the flower I used the third yellow from the left, Cad Yellow for the stamen with the #2 brush, then mixed an orange and a red to make it more reddish orange for the rest of the flower.

The metallic glitter card bases I bought in a big box from Michaels several years ago so I don’t have a link for them. They are A2 size cards, 5 1/2 x 4 1/4″.

I cut the floral images to 4 3/4″ tall by 2″ wide. I cut a layer of mirror cardstock (matching color) to go under these to 4 7/8″ x 2 1/8″ I used Bearly Art Glue to glue the watercolor layer to the mirror layer and then I used hot glue to adhere these layers to the card base.

By cutting the watercolor bases to 2″ wide, I was able to get two out of every background I colored. I could have cut the centers out of the mirrored cardstock to use in other projects, but didn’t feel like going to that much extra effort.

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