I’m sorry I haven’t written on my blog…

I really feel terrible that I haven’t kept up with my blog. I used to write something on it every day and now I wonder why I can’t find the inspiration to write any more. I must have had some good ideas, but since the year of covid, I can’t think of anything I think you’d want to read.

I’m lucky to have found a niche on YouTube and to have so many wonderful people follow my channel. Lately, small companies have been sending me craft supplies to try, and I’m thrilled by it, but I also feel badly, because so many crafty women/men don’t have the money to spend on their craftiness. So I decided I am going to do more giveaways so we can share in my good fortune. I wish I had more ways to help fellow crafters in need, like we did after the huge hurricanes that almost destroyed Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida a few years ago. If you have any ideas on the subject, please let me know, as I’m always looking for ways to make a difference.

I have a die set of a nurse’s scrubs and I’m going to make cards for the nurses on the covid unit in our local hospital. If I could find more and better ways to say thank you, I would. I’d like to start giving back a lot more. I know it’s late, but that’s my plan for 2021…OK, for the next ten months. Maybe next year I’ll get serious about making a plan in January, but I doubt it.

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