More Ideas For Mica Powders

I was sent the set of 24 mica powders from the nice people at the Hippie Crafter and I wanted to show you some ideas for using them.

I’ll definitely make another video showing additional ideas, as I didn’t want to cram too much into this video.

Sadly, their mica powder is currently sold out, but here’s the link for it for future reference. It is available on Amazon and here’s the link:

Mica powder:

To make watercolor paint from mica powder:

Use the back of a foam plate or foam container to mix the paint on. You’ll need a small container to put the paint into once you’ve made it and the container should have a lid. Take a palette knife and put maybe a teaspoon of mica powder in the color of your choice, onto the back of the foam plate. Add enough gum arabic link: until it is the consistency of cream. You’ll need to use the palette knife to work the mica and gum arabic back and forth until they are well incorporated. The container you choose for it should come with a lid, as you won’t want dust or dirt to contaminate your new paint. Let the paint dry and then rewet with water when you want to use it.

Yellow & Green Floral Wreath Card:

Floral Wreath Die from In Love Arts link:

I cut a piece of white cardstock to 4 x 5 1/4″ and then put washi tape on it to divide it into rows from top to bottom on the 4″ length. I painted the outside rows green, the inside two rows yellow, and the center row green. Once it was dry, I glued it to a card base that is 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″. I cut and painted the floral wreath die cut and once it was dry, put very thin foam tape behind it and added it to the panel with stripes. I painted another piece of white scrap cardstock with yellow paint (large enough for the hello die to cover it) and when it was dry, die cut “hello” and then wet glued this to the card.

Butterfly card:

I took a goldish colored 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ card base and using a big butterfly I found in my stash, put wet glue on the center of the butterfly and centered it on the card. I added the metallic watercolor paints to it over the blue, red and yellow of the butterfly. I painted a scrap of white cardstock with the red paint I’d made, and die cut “hello” from it, then wet glued this to the bottom of the card.

DIY Gift Wrap:

I took a roll of brown paper used for masking when painting.. It is 9″ tall link: Make it the length you need, then take your mica powder, plastic packaging, palette knife and Collage Pauge matte link: and mix the mica powder and Mod Podge or Collage Pauge together until they are nice and creamy. Paint whatever pattern you choose onto the brown paper. You could also use a brown paper bag, as long as it’s not wrinkled and it shouldn’t have writing on it.

Laminating Book Marks: Take a bunch of leaf dies and cut them out of whatever paper you choose. Then rub the leaves in embossing ink link: or vegetable glycerin and then paint them with the mica powder colors of your choice. Next, lay them in a laminating pouch and run them through your laminator. I do this twice as they might not completely get sealed the first time you run them through.

I also made smoke by flicking mica powders in silver/black, white and a dark gray onto the center section of a laminating pouch and then laminating it. You can also paint a laminating pouch with mica powders and I showed this by painting stripes with the powders I’d used for the smoke.

You can also paint napkins with mica powder and then run the painted napkin through your laminator.

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