How to Make Any Size 3 D Bows Without Tools

I’ve been wanting to make a few videos showing you easy ways to make crafty embellishments and I’m starting with 3-d bows.

You don’t want your cardstock to be so thick that it acts like cardboard.

I used Graphic 45 paper from an old paper pad called Couture.

I cut it to 12″ long by 1 1/2″ tall and then folded the paper in half making sure the side I want showing is facing out. Cut the center fold like a tag with a snip on either side, cut on a diagonal. Then fold the ends of the paper back into the middle and crease them. If you can cut these two ends like a tag, cut them, but if you can’t cut through both, cut one at a time and cut diagonal snips on either side, then do the same with the other end.

The scissors I use are from Tim Holtz and are his 5″ snips, link:

Glue Dots work well for adhering the bow together…but you can use whatever glue you choose. Link:

Take something round like a crochet hook, knitting needle, paint brush, Sharpie, highlighter, anything round..roll the middle two sections around the round object of your choice so the paper is ready to curl. Put a glue dot on either side of the center. Then take one of the bent center pieces and lay it on one of the glue dots. Do the same with the other side to create the loopy part of your bow. Add a glue dot behind each of your loops and lay the loose flap on this on the other end as well. Cut about 1/2″ off of the ends of your flaps and keep one, and cut it in half lengthwise. Roll it around your circular object then put glue dots behind the center of the bow and lay the end of the piece you’ve just cut in half on the glue dot and wrap the piece around the center of the bow and attach it to the other glue dot.

To create the flag ends, cut into the center of the end flap about 1/2″ and then cut from either end into the center to create the flag. Do the same to the other end.

To make your bow more 3-d hold the center of the bow and push the loop toward the center to make it more puffy.

To make a smaller bow, take 5 1/2″ long by 3/4″ tall scrap of cardstock and do exactly what you did with the larger bow above to create a smaller bow.

You could make a much larger bow by attaching two pieces of 12 x 12″ cardstock together and then cut it down to 22″ long by 3 1/2″ wide and follow the same directions from above.

You can make whatever size bow you choose, it’s all up to you.

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