How to Make a Bunny Bag for Easter Goodies Using Two Methods for the Bag

I made two different bags, one premade and the other, I made from cardstock.

Using a Pre-made Bag: I saw a similar bag on, link: that I played with, to make it unique.

Take a lunch bag (white if you want to make a white rabbit) and then fold the top down under the gusset on the back of the bag.

For the Body: I used a 4 1/2″ wide circle die and cut a circle, then cut about an inch straight across the bottom of the circle to create a flat bottom to the circle, using Fiskars Guillotine Trimmer link:

Changes I made on this bunny from face decorations below:

Eyes: two white 1″ circles distress edges w/ gray ink (I used Stampin Up Going Gray ink, but you can also use Smoky Slate link: as Going Gray is no longer available, unless you shop on ebay. I used a Tim Holtz Blending Tool link: to add ink to the edges. Use two, 3/8″ black circles for eyeballs. Use a white gel pen to make two dashes and a dot in the blacks of the eyes for the pupils.

Cheeks: 2 white oval 1 1/2″ long oval dies, overlapping by about 1/4″ in the center. I distressed the centers of the cheeks with Distress Ink Spun Sugar

Feet: two 2″ white punched circles and 1″ pink circle centers plus 8 pink 1/4″ circles from circle punch (I didn’t have that size circle punch, so used my Crop a Dile Big Bite (link below under toes) on the 3/16″ punch to create my pink toes. I distressed around the edges of white pieces with gray ink and pink edges were distressed with Spun Sugar Distress Ink.

Whiskers: I used the fringe making scissors link: and made one snip as long as I could make the snip, and then cut these out with a triangle of paper so they would stick together. I spread apart the whiskers so they look more natural, then did the same thing again for the other set of whiskers.

Ears: Two 2″ scalloped oval paper punch pink for centers and 2 white 2 1/2″ oval punched ears (I did have to cut the sides down as they were too wide.)

Bow Tie: I made a bow tie for him using the 3 d bow video I just uploaded. link:

I made a belly band that is 12″ long and 1″ wide and wrapped it around the bag with about 1/8″ gap so the band will slide on and off and the band would hold the bag shut then used wet glue to hold it together. I glued the ears onto the belly band with about 3/4″ below the belly band.

I adhered the face in one piece, as I glued the cheeks together overlapping each other, and the eyes, glued overlapping each other glued a little underneath the cheeks. I put thick foam tape beneath the face so the belly band will slide under the face a little bit. Make sure the foam tape isn’t under the eyes, so the belly band will slide further under the face than mine did.

Making our own Bag: I saw a similar bag on Mixed Up Craft link : I used the bag Sam made as a template and then decorated to make it unique.

Using a 12 x 12 white cardstock link : , scored on one side at 1 1/2″ and 8″ then turn the paper once in your scoreboard, and score at 4 3/8″, 5 7/8″, 10 1/4″, and 11 3/4″. Fold and burnish the scores. With the 11 3/4″ score on your left, cut out the scores all the way to the 4 3/8″ score, so all you have left on the top of your bag is one square. I used the Kadomaru Pro link: to round the corners on the top of the square left behind. With the 11 3/4″ score on your left side (I often call this the 1/4″ score), Cut the 11 3/4″ score away, up to the first score line, which should be 1 1/2″. On the next score line, (10 1/4″ score if you flipped the paper over) cut up to the 1 1/2″ score line, then move to the 5 7/8″ score and cut up to the 1 1/2″ score, then do the same on the 4 3/8″ score. NOTE: If you turn the paper over, you’d more easily find them with a ruler to cut them. Make sure you cut out the score lines when you do this. Then cut each one of the cuts you just made, with an angled edge so they’re easier to fold into the bag. Fold in the 1/4″ score line on the left, and cut an angled edge to the very top (the same side as the big box you left behind) of the 1/4″ score. After folding in the 1/4″ score, put tear tape to the score and remove backing, then fold the section with the big square at the top over onto the 1/4″ score and the bag is made.

To close the bottom, lay one long flap down, then put glue on the inside of the two small flaps and lay them onto the long flap you just closed, then put wet glue (I used Brutus Monroe’s wet glue, they changed their packaging, link:, then add glue to the remaining long flap, and close the bottom. Use a ruler inside the bag to push the bottom down so it stays glued.

For a closure: Put self adhesive velcro link: (both pieces together) on the center of back of the top flap, then close the flap, making sure the velcro attaches to the top and keeps the bag closed.

For the body: Take one of the 4 `1/2″ circles you die cut and lay it on the bag under the flap, up to the velcro piece (but not covering it) and make a mark on the circle where it touches the bottom edge of the bag, then trim the circle off. Once trimmed, distress the edges. I used a Tim Holtz Blending Tool & Stampin’ Up Going Gray ink for this, then glue the circle onto the bag with the straight part of the circle lined up with the bottom edge of the bag.

Feet: two white ovals used 1 1/2″ oval die. Distress edges w/ gray ink

Toes: 8 Pink 1/4″ circles (didn’t have a punch so used my Crop a dile big bite on the 3/16″ mark link: and 2 pink 1″ circles for ball of feet, distress edges w/ Spun Sugar

Cheeks: Two 1 1/4″ pink circles (punch) distress edges w/ Spun Sugar Distress Ink

Eyes: two 1″ white circle, distress edges w/ gray ink and two 3/8″ black circles for eye balls. Add two dashes and a dot with a white gel pen to the blacks of the eyes to create a pupil look.

Nose: pink Stampin Up Little Labels punch: Round top edge of punched image and distress edges w/ Spun Sugar ink

Teeth: square 1 1/4″ tall by 1″ wide, white scrap, cut a notch in center of bottom to look like buck teeth, then distress edges w/ gray ink

Eyelashes: Cut small long slits into black cardstock. You can use Fringe Making scissors link: but I chose to cut mine with normal scissors. (I remade these as mine weren’t long enough) In the end, my slits were 1″ long and the eyelashes were a total of `1 1/4″ long so I had a base to glue them on with and 1 1/4″ wide, Curl the eyelashes by wrapping them around a round object like a highlighter marker or in my case, my Pokey Tool link:

To adhere cheeks/nose/teeth..take the cheeks and glue a small amount and overlap them, then glue the nose near the center, and glue the teeth under the cheeks at the bottom, centered.

Whiskers: I hand cut out whiskers in black cardstock, then laid the ones I hand cut onto another piece of black cardstock and traced with a white gel pen, then cut them out so they would match each other. I spread the whiskers with my fingers so they were more spread apart.

Ears: Draw 1 1/4″ wide by 2 1/2″ long ear on a white scrap, then cut it out and trace it onto another white scrap, then cut it out so both match. Ink edges with gray ink. Then using a scalloped oval punch that’s about 1 1/2″ long, punch out two pink pieces and color with new Distress Oxide Kitsch Flamingo ink link: to color the scallop ovals. I used Stampin Up’s retired Strawberry Slush ink to add more color around the edges with foam makeup brushes that you need to squirt twice with water before putting it into your ink. Link to foam makeup took: Glue the ovals into the white ears you cut out.

Adhering face to bag: I’ve already glued the body down, so add the feet on angles near bottom of bag then take the cheeks, nose and teeth that we’ve adhered and glue them to the bottom area of the flap, then add the eyes that should be very close to each other above the rest of the face, and glue the ears offset and bent near the top of the bag. I punched out a lot of flowers and leaves that I had dies for in my stash (and don’t know the names of the dies, sorry) and added some with foam squares under, and some I glued directly to the bag. I added her bow (created from last video link: and she is done.

In the video, I went back to the first bag, and those directions are from above.

Then I show how to make longer eyelashes and how to make the face of the girl bunny look better by putting the eyes closer together (after I had to rip them off of the bag…bummer.

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