Making a 12×12 Gift Bag

I’ve been watching Sam Calcott on Mixed Up Craft making gift bags. I really liked the size of this bag, and hope you do too. Here’s the link to the video Sam made:

You’ll need:

Two pieces of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper (front and back)

two pieces 8 x 12″ scrapbook paper (sides)

one piece 8 x 12″ scrapbook paper (bottom)

two pieces of 6 x 2″ wide cardstock (hinges to hold the bag together)

decorations for bag–I used a cut out from one of the paper pads, plus three tassels I made in a previous video

wet glue: I used Brutus Monroe’s wet glue that he no longer sells and I used tear tape.


6 x 2″ pieces…score both on the 2″ length at 1″

bottom 8 x 12″ piece–score on the 8″ length at 1″ and 7″ sides

8 x 12″ pieces–score on 8″ length at 1″ and 7″ and on the 12″ length, score at 3″ (this needs to be at the bottom of the bag, so make sure your pattern faces up, away from the 3″ score) then put the paper back to 8″ length and score at 4″ down to the 3″ line near the bottom of the paper. Score both papers the same. Put the score board aside and on the 8″ length, go to the 4″ score, where it intersects with the 3″ score at the bottom..Using a ruler and scoring tool, put the ruler from the 4″ and score diagonally to the 1″ score on the left and then to the same from the 4″ center score to the 7″ score on the right.

Fold all of the score lines on all papers.

Note: If your paper tends to crack, put Scotch tape (cello tape) on those score lines that could crack on the inside of the bag..

12 x 12″ back of bag—score directional patterned paper with the top of the pattern facing to the right side of the score board…score at 3″ if you want to flatten the bag…if you don’t want to flatten your bag, you don’t need to do this score.

Fiskars bone folder is no longer made, but I found them on ebay:

To put the bag together: Start with the bottom that is 8 x 12″ (Add tear tape to the outside of the 1″ and 7″ scores) and the two 6 x 2″ hinges. Glue the hinges with the center fold lined up on the short edges of the bottom. I used tear tape and Brutus Monroe’s wet glue on one side of a hinge and folded the hinge closed with the open part facing the inside of the bag. (You want it to stand up with the other flap lined up with the edge of the bottom of the bag.) Put tear tape on the other flap of the hinges, but don’t take the backing off. Lay the other hinge on the other end of the bottom of the bag so you have four 1″ flaps sticking up (the other two are the scores you made to the bottom of the bag.) Take the backing off the tear tape on the long sides of the bottom and add wet glue. Try to flatten the 1″ score line and line up the bottom edge of the front (the one without a score) of the bag and make sure the 12 x 12″ paper is lined up with the bottom edge of the bag. Do the same on the other side with the back of the bag, making sure the 3″ score line is near the bottom of the bag. Take one side of the bag and take the backing off the tear tape on the bottom side 1″ strip of the bag (the side is the short 8″ length).. Add wet glue then lay the bottom of one side onto the bottom on it’s 1″ strip and take the backing off the 1″ side flap ( tear tape,) add wet glue, then holding the bag as tall as possible, pull the front and side up as straight as possible and adhere the top of the flap together then work your way down, making sure it’s well adhered. Using your bone folder, rub inside the bag on all of the adhered flaps, to ensure it stays connected. Then do the same to the other side of the bag, adhering the side to the front. Then adhere the back to the sides using the same techniques as you did on the front panel.

I took a ATG card from the paper pad and rounded the corners with my Kadomaru Pro corner rounder link:

For handles, make a pencil mark from the right and left sides 4″ and 1″ from the top, then poke a hole in these spots all the way through to the other side with a pokey tool or by using a Crop a dile Big bite, link: and put the setting on the top to 3/8″ to punch the holes through both sides on the marks I made. You’ll need four eyelets, and put the Big Bite inside the bag, and move the lever so it does eyelets and crunch the eyelets in place. I used a silver ribbon and ran it through a hair straightener to get all kinks out and then cut a length that’s 17″ long and ran it from inside the bag to outside and made a big knot inside the bag to hold it in place then push the ribbon inside the other hole on the same side and knot. Do the same on the other side. Add tassels and the ATG card onto silver ribbon, then tie them onto the bag.

Here’s a photo of the bag I made.

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