Making a Stamp, Die & Ephemera Storage Binder

I have been getting a monthly kit from Papercraft Society and I love their storage system, and wanted to make similar binders for my stamps, dies and ephemera.

You will need 3 pieces of 12 x 12 paper solid core, in the color of your choice. I think I’ll make another in an upcoming video that I’ll line with chipboard/cardboard, to make it more sturdy. This one is fine, but maybe not as sturdy as I had hoped.

The paper I used is from American Crafts Smooth Cardstock Pack, link:

The decorated papers I used are from Joann’s, their brand, Park Lane Flower Garden. link: If you’re shopping right now, this paper is 1/2 off and is a large pad, 180 sheets, and would work great if you make your own envelopes, since it’s a very light weight paper.

Cut your three pieces of 12 x 12″ papers, cut two of the pieces down to 9 x 12″ and the last down to 6 x 9″. Take the two pieces that are 9 x 12″ and on the 9″ length, put tear tape on the right edge covering the last 1/2″, doing the same to the second 9 x 12″ piece on the 9″ length. Then take the tear tape backing off and add a little wet glue so when you try to lay the papers on top of each other, if you make a mistake, you will be able to move the papers without destroying them. Add the last 6×9″ piece to the right end, so you have one very long piece.

Scoring: With all three pieces now connected together, score at 6 3/4 and 7″ and then fold them up so you can put the second score (the 7″ one) on the far left of the score board, and score again at 6 3/4″ and 7 1/8″, then fold both of these scores up, and putting the 7 1/8″ score on the far left of the score board, score at 6 3/4 and 7 1/4″. Make sure all of your scores are well scored and fold them so you’ve created what looks like a binder. Set this aside for a second.

For pockets you’ll need 3 pieces of 8 1/2″ x 11″ cardstock…I used matching Stampin’ Up cardstock and cut all three pieces to 7 3/4 x 10″.

Then score all of them on the 10″ length on the very bottom, score at 1 1/4″ and 1 1/2″. On the 7 3/4″ length, score at 1 1/4 and 1 1/2″.

Go back to the long length of paper we set aside, and lay a plate or something oval onto the outside flap that should be on top. Trace the plate or oval piece you’ve laid onto it and cut it out. This will give you a nice finished look for your binder. Set the binder aside and let’s work on the pockets.

The scissors I used are from Hay and are called Phi, and I bought them from the Hay company, here’s the link.

Fold the scores to create the pocket, then cut out the boxes in the corner where the two sets of score lines cross each other. Open the paper back up so it’s flat and cut a line from the top (the top only has scores on one side) to the bottom edge, furthest from where the scores meet each other, on a diagonal. Make the cuts so they don’t cut into any score lines. Fold all scores in and you will see paper showing at the top and bottom that you won’t want to see, so cut that paper off on an angle. Do this to all three of these.

Back to the binder, Decorating: You need 3 pieces of 12 x 12 cut to 8 3/4 x 12″. I took the Flower Garden papers that are super lightweight and used tear tape on them to line the outside of the binder. I laid it on the innermost fold first (you could start with the area you cut on a plate first too.) and work your way to the other end. The piece that covered the outer flap, I tear taped down and then flipped everything over and cut it from behind so the decorative paper covers to the edge of the flap. I used self adhesive Velcro from the Dollar Tree and laid it about 1″ from the edge and 4 1/2″ from the bottom of the outer flap.

I found some papers in the Flower Garden pack that had a floral pattern that ran diagonally on the paper, and decided to layer these onto my pockets, I laid the paper onto my pocket and decided where I wanted the pattern to lie, and cut off the rest. I used the first floral paper as a template and laid it on the other pieces so they were all cut the same, then adhered them to the fronts of my pockets. The layered paper is 8 1/4″ tall x 6″ wide if you want to measure paper to cut on a diagonal

At 24:30, I lay green paper into the binder. There’s a seam in the middle of the paper that might create a problem when you try to fill the pocket, so I took leftover green paper and cut it to the same length, but the width is from the score on the left, to the seam in the center (and that might be different for yours than for mine.) I tear taped the paper down and then glued the pocket right to the score lines, but not over them and lined up with the bottom edge of the binder.

I cut a big design out of one of the paper sheets in my pad and glued it to the front of the binder.

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