Glues: My Favorite and What They Are Used For

Glue videos: Wet glue comparisons:

Small tape runners:

Large ATG comparison:

Glue Sticks and Glue Pen comparisons:

I wanted to do an updated videos on my favorite glues and when I use them.

Aleene’s Tack it Over and Over--I use this to adhere red rubber stamps to their backing, or to get stamps to stick to the lid of the MISTI. I make my own Glue Dots with it by putting dots of it onto sticker paper. I also use it to adhere my stamp sets into CD cases. Link:

Nuvo Precision Glue Pen–Use this to attach small pearls, sequins, diamonds, beads. I had it clog and used my heat gun and waved it in front of the gun and that did unclog it, but it was probably not the best idea, so I don’t recommend others do it. Link:

Tombow Mono Adhesive–this glue stays sticky after it’s dry, so you can put this glue on a project, let it dry and then adhere something to it. This is the glue of choice for the Stampin’ Up ladies, and it does a great job…but, you don’t get a lot in the bottle. The tip doesn’t clog and there are two tip options for people who prefer using the bigger tip. My friend Sherry made me a glue holder, by taking a votive cup from the Dollar Tree and adding a large dollop of hot glue in the bottom and then placing the cap of this glue into the hot glue before it set. You can use either this glue or the Tombow Mono Aqua Adhesive in her glue holder because their lids, although two different colors, are exactly the same size. Link:

Tombow Mono Aqua Adhesive–this is the sister to the Mono Adhesive, but it doesn’t stays sticky after it’s dry. I prefer this to the Mono, as it’s a bigger bottle. It dries clear and works well and the fine tip applicator doesn’t clog (because it’s not an ultra fine tip.) There are two tip options for people who prefer using the bigger tip. Link:

Standiy–If you put your glue tip down perfectly onto the pink foam, it works well, otherwise, the glue leaks everywhere. Link:

Bearly Art Glue—very similar to Art Glitter Glue. I like the bottle and the black tip on this glue as I can always seem to get this glue to squeeze out. It dries clear and works for almost everything (other than things I use the Aleene’s Tack it Over and Over on. Link:

Tear Tape–I use tear tape more than any kind of glue, as it’s got significant hold and I always know it will work well, no matter what I’m using it on. Link:

Beacon’s 3 in 1 Glue– For 3D projects, it adds stability, and makes projects sturdy, more hard. It does have a very distinctive smell and I recommend you have good ventilation when you use it. Sam Calcott from Mixed Up Craft recommends Colall Glue that’s very similar to Beacon. link:

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